dotCover integrates with ReSharper 6

Version 1.1.1 also improves presentation of class member and adds HTML & JSON reports.
August 19, 2011 - 12:37
Feature Release

dotCover is a code coverage tool that reports statement-level coverage in .NET and Silverlight applications. dotCover highlights covered and uncovered code in Visual Studio by generating XML-based code coverage reports. dotCover detects which tests cover a particular location in code and integrates with ReSharper's unit testing tools. It comes with a console utility to use with a continuous integration server. dotCover can aggregate data from multiple coverage sessions and merging snapshots. dotCover extends the JetBrains .NET tools family that already includes ReSharper and dotTrace.

Updates in V1.1.1

  • Integration with ReSharper 6 - dotCover integrates with the latest version of ReSharper 6, allowing a smooth user experience. ReSharper 5.x continues to be supported also.
  • Per-snapshot Settings - Snapshot settings, including node exclusion and inclusion are now saved in a file alongside the snapshot (*.settings).
  • Improved presentation of class members - When you browse coverage results with dotCover 1.1.1, you can clearly see properties with getters and setters, as well as events with add and remove accessors. Anonymous delegates and lambdas are represented by nodes within containing methods denoting types that they receive and return.
  • HTML and JSON reports - In addition to XML export available previously, dotCover 1.1.1 allows you to generate reports as HTML and JSON both from the console runner and from Visual Studio coverage UI.
  • Integration with NDepend - dotCover 1.1.1 provides support for NDepend in the form of exporting coverage reports to XML for NDepend.
  • Predefined color schemes - Some like it dark, some like it bright, so why not provide several color highlighting schemes by default? That said, you can still fine-tune coverage highlighting colors by tweaking dotCover display items via Tools | Options | Environment | Fonts and Colors.
  • Support for Dynamic NUnit Tests - Full support for dynamic NUnit Test cases as well as Combinatorial, Sequential and other common NUnit attributes.
  • Filtering coverage tree on-the-fly - You can now exclude a specific node, or all nodes except this node, from the coverage tree and have dotCover instantly recalculate percentages of covered and uncovered code.
  • Getting coverage analysis data from TeamCity - You can now use TeamCity Visual Studio plug-in to connect to a TeamCity server and obtain data from a Continuous Integration coverage analysis run.
  • Incremental update of coverage info when tests are partially rerun - Coverage information is calculated incrementally without requiring full profiling on new runs, making the whole process much faster.
  • Per-solution coverage settings - Starting from dotCover 1.1.1, coverage filters are stored per-solution in projectName.dotCover files. In case you're covering a compiled application, i.e. you're not working with a solution per se, global settings are used.

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JetBrains is a technology-leading software development firm specializing in the creation of intelligent, productivity-enhancing software. The company is widely known for its innovative, award-winning Java integrated development environment, IntelliJ IDEA, ReSharper developer productivity extension and dotTrace profiler for .NET developers, TeamCity -- a continuous integration and build management environment, RubyMine -- a Ruby and Rails IDE and others. JetBrains maintains its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic, with its R&D labs located in St. Petersburg, Russia and Boston, Massachusetts.

Viewing dotCover's Coverage Results Browser.


A code coverage tool for .NET developers.

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