NetAdvantage for WPF adds Geographic Map

Render polylines and polyshapes, add custom shape templates, shape fill, shape styles and conditional formatting shapes.
November 18, 2011 - 0:00
Feature Release

Infragistics NetAdvantage for WPF Data Visualization includes stylable user interface controls for geospatial mapping, interactive gauges, graphical timelines, animated charting and OLAP pivot grids. Use these UI controls to produce OLAP pivot grids, charts, maps, gauges, timelines, bullet graphs, barcodes and more.

Updates in 2011 Volume 2

  • Resource Washer - set the color on groups of resources in an existing ResourceDictionary to update the color of the controls in your applications.
  • Infragistics Excel Library - support has been added for shapes, data validation, print titles, print area and page breaks.
  • Geographic Map - create highly detailed, thematic geographical maps.
  • Funnel Chart - displays data in a funnel shape with a variable number of sections, each representing the data as a portion of 100%.
  • Sparkline Chart - a data-intense, design-simple graphic that allows end users to spot trends, variations and patterns in data.
  • Data Chart – now includes the following new features: OLAP axis, error bars, 15 new chart series, weighted moving average trend line and correlation formula.
  • Pivot Grid - lets your users slice, dice and filter multi-dimensional data of your OLAP cube or data warehouse.
  • Timeline – now allows the adjustment of labels and tick marks based on the current zoom level (which is the visible area of the chart).
  • Network Node Diagrams – new features include the ability to choose the relationship type between nodes, support for various visual states and manipulation of individual nodes.

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User interfaces built using NetAdvantage for WPF Data Visualization.

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