C1 Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo adds HTML5 Scheduler

Allow users to add, edit and manage their appointments.
March 28, 2012 - 14:39
Feature Release

ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo includes over 40 styled and easy-to-use controls built on Web standards including AJAX, CSS, HTML5, and jQuery. It includes grids, charting, reporting, scheduling, calendars, menus, toolbars, treeviews, tabs, inputs, editors and splitters all of which are available as ASP.NET Controls, Extenders and MVC tools.

Updates in 2012 v1

  • New Events Calendar Control - Give your users a familiar scheduling application with the HTML5 scheduler control for end-user appointment management. This fully functional schedule allows users to add, edit and manage their appointments. The Events Calendar could not be easier to use because it is pre-configured with XML data storage so it functions immediately after dropping it on a form.

About ComponentOne

ComponentOne headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a leader in the Microsoft Visual Studio component industry. The company believes the key to successful implementation of business solutions is providing customers with a premier studio of innovative components and tools.

Gauge, ribbon and schedule controls in ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo.

ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET Web Forms Edition

Web Forms controls for complete business solutions.

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