dotTrace Performance improves Remote Profiling

Use HTTP to profile over VPNs using IPv4 or IPv6.
April 03, 2012 - 10:27
Feature Release

dotTrace Performance helps detect performance bottlenecks in a variety of .NET Framework applications. It is able to profile standalone desktop applications, Web applications running under IIS or Visual Studio development server, Windows services, smart device applications, remote applications and unit tests. dotTrace Performance is able to compare any two performance snapshots of the same application. It shows the differences between the number of calls consumed by each function.

Updates in 5.0

  • Improved Remote Profiling - HTTP is now used for remote profiling instead of a custom protocol, which allows profiling over VPNs and simplifies configuring firewall rules. Also, both IPv4 and IPv6 are now supported for remote profiling.
  • IIS Express - Support for IIS Express complements existing support for the full-fledged IIS and ASP.NET Development Server.
  • Improvements in Plain List View - Choose to show or hide system functions from the Plain List View, and group functions by assembly in addition to class and namespace groupings.
  • Running Processes - Attach the profiler to an existing .NET Framework 4.0+ process and run sampling performance analysis on it.
  • Integrated Decompiler - While profiling an application, if you need to dig further into the code but you don't have source code or symbol information at hand, dotTrace 5 Performance will decompile it for you instantly and present decompiled code in its source preview area for quick review.
  • Easier Estimation of Performance Gains - The Adjust Time functionality used to estimate how optimizing a certain function affects timings of the entire snapshot has been improved.
  • Enhancements and Additions for Supported Frameworks - Ensures seamless profiling of applications that contain code targeting different CLR versions. For example, if you have a .NET Framework 4.0 application that is dependent on external libraries targeting CLR 2, this application can now be perfectly profiled.

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