Chart for Reporting Services adds Expressions

Bind all configurable aspects of the report item to user defined parameters and/or data.
April 27, 2012 - 10:05
Feature Release

Nevron Chart for Reporting Services is an advanced report component, which delivers a complete set of 2D and 3D charting types, customizable axes, data integration, visual effects and additional customization properties to your reports. The product introduces advanced axis features, numerous XY and XYZ scatters, surface charts, seamless integration with SQL Server Reporting Services, Photoshop-like effects and HTML-like rich-text formatting. Nevron Chart for Reporting Services is also available as part of Nevron SSRS Vision

Updates in 2012.1

  • Expressions - Nearly all Chart properties can be specified using expressions
  • Essential Chart Elements - Chart Areas, Chart Values, Chart Titles now have controllable visibility
  • Panel Content Alignment - Align content of horizontally or vertically adjacent charts, legends and title areas
  • Twin Charts - Automatically align two adjacent charts areas
  • Conditional Data Points - The filling of chart data points can now be specified with expressions
  • Radar Axis - Category labels have been improved to support different position, fit and alignment modes
  • Step Line - Support for automatic data resampling
  • Performance Improvements - The chart has been additionally optimized for performance, which reduces the CPU load on the server and leads to smoother design time experience
  • Report Item Preview Improvements - Support for three different types of report item preview in the properties dialog
  • Report Items Editing Improvements - Significant speed optimizations during instant preview generation
  • New Chart Examples - Almost all Chart examples have been updated, showing visual styling properties set through parameters

About Nevron

Founded in 1998, Nevron is a global leader in component based data visualization technology for a diverse range of Microsoft centric platforms. Built with usability and enterprise level features in mind, their components deliver advanced charting, digital dashboards and diagrams. Today Nevron components are used by many Fortune 500 companies and thousands of developers and IT professionals worldwide.

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