Studio Controls for COM

New additions allow discrete interaction with Outlook Bar list attributes.
October 17, 2012
Feature Release

Studio Controls for COM includes royalty-free ActiveX controls for Outlook style scheduling, snap-in Windows application design, data entry and components for intuitive UI design.

Updates in V1.3

  • Combo - Header Border Color, Header Shadow Color, Header Style and enumHeaderStyle enumeration.
  • DropDate - Updated navigation to view months when a fill date is clicked in the drop calendar.
  • ExplorerBar - ListCtrlID, Selected Item and Selected List . These property additions allow for discrete interaction and presentation with Outlook list attributes.
  • HTML - Suppress all dialogs that a web browser control may generate. In some cases, this is useful, because it can help ensure a "quiet" user experience without unexpected popups.
  • ListBar - Select Back Color To, Select Fill Type, Select Rounded Edge value added to the enum Select Type enumeration. These properties have been added to enhance Windows 7 style presentations.
  • Month - Synchronize data to be displayed for the current month presentation.
  • Tips - Vista value added to enum Tips Type enumerations. Enhances newer Windows style presentations.
  • ToolBar - Selected Drop Menu items now use an enhanced fill system allowing for improved 3D and Windows 7 presentations.

About DBI Technologies

Incorporated in 1996, DBI Technologies is a commercial software development company that is focused on empowering Windows application developers with flexible and respected commercial component products and services. DBI provides creative solutions for its clients, incorporating leading edge Web technologies built on commercial component based architectures. DBI’s component solutions are incorporated in many Fortune 1000 business support systems, as well as commercial ERP and CRM solutions.

Studio Controls provides a wide range of UI controls.

Studio Controls for COM

Industry tested, enterprise application design and scheduling component software.

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