IP*Works! SSH adds Reverse SSH Tunnel support

New version adds new components for creating and managing reverse SSH tunnels.
January 17, 2013 - 0:00
Feature Release

/n software IP*Works! SSH allows developers to rapidly build SSH secured applications including secure file transfer, secure remote login and secure email. It includes full support for Secure Shell (SSH) and other security features like 3DES encryption, message integrity checking and secure secret key exchange. The included components are very easy to use, with a uniform, intuitive and extensible design.

The following editions are available:

Updates in V9

  • Create and manage reverse SSH tunnels.
  • Secure SSH file transfer through SCP.
  • New SFTP Server component.
  • New controls for SSH authentication and negotiation.
  • Enhanced logging capabilities.

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Since 1995, /n software has established itself as a leading provider of cross-platform software components for communication, security, and e-business development. /n software is committed to providing enterprise-class tools and components enabling developers to rapidly build robust Internet enabled web and desktop applications. Software developers for nearly every Fortune 500 and Global 2000 company worldwide use /n software's products to build powerful connected applications. All /n software products are backed by an excellent record of accomplishment based on providing robust enterprise-class solutions backed by professional technical support.

Tunnelling plain text connections to a secure SSH host.

IPWorks SSH .NET Edition

Add instant SSH security to your Internet applications.

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