DevExpress WPF adds Spreadsheet Grouping

Arrange related columns or rows into groups and display summaries for each group.
December 05, 2014 - 11:38
Feature Release

DevExpress WPF helps you deliver high-performance, line-of-business applications that fully address the needs of your enterprise. You can create apps that emulate Microsoft Office 2013 and Windows 8, while maintaining backward compatibility with previous versions of the Windows operating system. Whether you need to create an Outlook-inspired UI or need to touch-enable your app for Microsoft Surface, the DevExpress WPF Subscription will help you take your business solutions forward so you can deliver new, immersive experiences without abandoning the WPF platform and your existing code investments.

Updates in 14.2.3

  • OneNote Inspired Radial Menu - When collapsed, only the central button is visible. When a user clicks this button, the menu expands and displays all menu items associated with the control.
  • New Excel Data Export Engine - The Grid control uses a new, more powerful Excel data export engine. Both the performance and memory usage of this new engine has been significantly improved.
  • Conditional Formatting Enhancements - Create new conditional formatting rules and configure existing ones.
  • Grid Cell Merging - Neighboring column cells with identical values can be merged into a single cell.
  • Web Inspired Token Mode - Both the WPF ComboBox and Lookup Data Editors now ship with capabilities found in modern mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Google GMail.
  • Adaptive Chart Element Layout - Hide chart elements (legends, titles, axes) and change element positions automatically for a more effective visual presentation of data.
  • Map Preview - A Mini Map (inset) can be displayed on the map control.
  • SQL Geometry Support - The DevExpress WPF Map Control can display vector map data stored using SQL Geometry.
  • New Map Projections - Predefined map projections can be used to display vector maps.
  • Automatic Chart Generation from a Data Source - The DevExpress WPF Map Control can automatically aggregate the underlying data and show chart items at locations which correspond to aggregated values.
  • Map Printing and Data Export - End-user printing via a built-in WYSIWYG printing engine.
  • Standalone Main Menu, Toolbar and Status Bar - Three new standalone controls that don't require the use of a separate BarManager component: main menu, toolbar and statusbar.
  • Spreadsheet Grouping - Arrange related columns or rows into groups and display summaries for each group.
  • Annotate a Worksheet Using Comments - The DevExpress WPF Spreadsheet Control allows you to associate additional information to individual cells via comments.
  • Per-Pixel Scrolling - Pivot Grid rows and columns can now be scrolled on a per-pixel basis.
  • PDF Viewer - You can now populate existing AcroForms (interactive forms) using the DevExpress WPF PDF Viewer.
  • Spell Checker - Highlight misspelled words with a wavy line using the new Check-As-You-Type mode..

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