PowerTCP FTP for .NET V4.7.0 released

New version adds several new properties to improve data transfer.
March 03, 2016 - 0:00
Feature Release

PowerTCP FTP for .NET is a client development tool that allows you to easily transfer files using wildcards and streams. To help you deliver applications quickly, debugging has been extended beyond run-time testing to a design-time editor that lets you test file transfers without compiling. PowerTCP FTP for .NET comes with integrated Help documentation and includes over three dozen tutorials and a comprehensive reference guide.

Updates in V4.7.0

  • A Ftp.Type property was added so that the current data channel transfer type can be determined.
  • A Ftp.DateTimeFormatInfo property was added to support servers that use non-standard timestamps.
  • Various improvements to illegal file character handling.
  • A FtpSession.Autosize property has been added so that the sending of the SIZE command prior to a file transfer can be toggled.
  • Added 6TO4 support.
  • The DataIsBusyChanged event was added to signify when a data channel has started or ceased transferring.
  • If MFMT is not advertised as an available mechanism to modify date time then MDTM will be tried.

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