LEADTOOLS v19 Document SDKs updated

Includes broader Linux and Java support and OCR advancements.
April 20, 2016 - 0:00
Feature Release

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging includes API, C++ Class Libraries and .NET Class Libraries for Win32 and x64 with features that include comprehensive annotations (Text, highlights, sticky notes, stamps, and more), specialized bitonal image display and processing such as scale-to-gray and favor-black. Also features performance and memory optimizations for bitonal images, document image clean-up including hole-punch, line and staple removal and scanning with TWAIN and WIA.

The Document Imaging range of products include:

Updates in v19

  • New Java Libraries for Windows and Linux - Added support for OCR, Documents library services, Document Writers, Document Converter, vector and document formats such as PDF and DOCX, and SANE scanning.
  • Document Viewer for Linux - Includes rich-document viewing features such as text search, annotation, memory-efficient paging, inertial scrolling and vector display. Supports viewing PDF, MS-Office, AutoCad DWG/DXF and many vector/raster formats.
  • Document Writers for Linux - Create PDF, PDF/A, DOCX, RTF, TEXT and ALTOXML from SVG input. Other technologies within LEADTOOLS that create SVG, such as OCR, can leverage the Document Writers to save these document formats.
  • Document Converter for Linux - Create powerful, automated document conversion, archival and delivery systems. LEADTOOLS’ Document Converter technology uses a combination of raster, OCR and Document Writers technologies to convert images and documents to PDF, PDF/A, DOCX, RTF, TEXT and SVG.
  • Improved Advantage OCR Engine - Enhanced performance in both accuracy and speed. Upgrades have been made for several core features including Latin and Korean language recognition, auto-zone for images with noise and graphics, and preprocessing of noisy images. Enhancements to foreground and background color detection, font type recognition, and a brand-new serif and sans-serif font typeface detection mean generated documents more closely resemble the original images.
  • Advanced J2K Technology - Optimizes loading of heavily tiled J2K and TIFF J2K files. Expands TIFF J2K technology by adding functions to enumerate and load sub-resolutions of J2K data encapsulated in TIFF.
  • New Features Added to Annotation Technology - Snap-to-grid and alignment UI features have been added to provide image markup formatting features usually only found in word processing and presentation applications.
  • New Image Processing Functions - Salt & Pepper Noise Removal and UnWarp image processing functions are now available. The UnWarp function removes the distortion in an image of a cylindrical object, as if removing a label from off of the cylinder and flattening it out.

About LEAD Technologies

LEAD Technologies is a privately held company founded in 1990 by Moe Daher and Rich Little. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, LEAD was established to commercialize Mr. Daher's inventions in the field of digital imaging and compression technology. With a rich history of over twenty years, LEAD has established itself as the world's leading provider of digital imaging software development toolkits.

Document Viewer included with LEADTOOLS Document SDKs.


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