InstallShield Professional 2016

Test your app for compatibility with UWP, plus support for the latest Windows OS releases.
August 23, 2016 - 13:10
New Version


  • Support for the Latest Releases of Windows Operating Systems:
    • Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
    • Windows Server 2016.
  • Support for Creating  Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App Packages - InstallShield now supports creating the UWP app package format (.appx) and its desktop and server extensions through an alternate build output and provides suitability testing to help you identify items unsuitable for the UWP app package format.
    Benefits of UWP app packages include:
    • High availability, reliability, and durability, resulting in applications that operate continuously without failure for extended periods of time.
    • A smooth installation experience through static builds that require minimal configuration and no customizable UI.
    • The option to sell or provide the application through the Windows Store.
    • The ability to leverage UWP functionality such as live tiles as well as the ability to utilize UWP APIs.
    • The only package format with native support on Windows Nano Server.
  • Tile Configurations - Customize the appearance of a desktop app's tile on the Start screen. The following tile configuration settings are available:
    • A toggle between light or dark text when including the app name on medium-sized (150x150) tiles.
    • Choice of tile background color.
    • Option to use custom tile images (small: 70x70 and medium:150x150).
    • Preference to show or hide the app name on medium-sized tiles.
  • New InstallShield Prerequisites for Microsoft Visual C++ 2015, .NET Framework 4.6, and more.
  • Predefined System Searches for Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office and the .NET Framework.
  • Direct Editor View Enhancements.
  • Kill Process Custom Action Enhanced.
  • Ability to set the Default Value Used for Component Attributes.
  • Ability to Filter Items by Features in Additional Views.
  • Digital Signature Updates.
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