Total Visual Agent 2016

Adds support for Microsoft Access 2016.
August 31, 2016 - 17:07
New Version


  • Support for Microsoft Access 2016 - Total Visual Agent 2016 supports databases created in Microsoft Access 2016 and earlier versions of Access. This includes ACCDB and MDB Jet database formats, plus Access Data Projects (ADPs) with Access 2010 or earlier. It includes the ability to launch Access macros with Access 2016.
  • No Need for Microsoft Access on Your PC - Total Visual Agent no longer requires Microsoft Access to be installed on your PC to perform tasks such as database compact, backups, database statistics, table data extracts, etc. Previously, Access 2007 or the 32-bit version of Access 2010 or later was required on your PC. The new version makes it easy to run Total Visual Agent on a server that does not have Office/Access installed and avoids conflicts if you have the 64-bit version of Access installed. However, if you want to run an Access database macro or manage ADPs, you still need to install the retail or runtime version of Access to run it.
  • Database Lock Error Identifies Offending Machines - If a compact task fails due to the database locked by another user, the email notification now lists the machine(s) that are locking the database.
  • Activity Log Database Separated from Settings Database - Previously, the settings database contained the event and task specifications, plus the activity log and database snapshot statistics. The latter caused the database to grow over time. In this version, the settings database (TVAGENT16.MDB) uses a separate database (TVAGENT-Data.MDB) for the three activity log and statistics tables. The settings database links to those tables and its reports still use them without any changes.
  • Activity Log Shows Duration of Each Activity - A new Minutes column shows the number of minutes each activity took.
  • Email Notifications Support TLS and Office365 SMTP Server - Total Visual Agent can send an email when a problem arises. In addition to SMTP and SSL, it now supports ESMTP and Transport Layer Security (TLS) connection protocols. TLS is necessary to connect with from Microsoft Office365’s Exchange Server.
  • Tasks are Not Run at the End of an Event Interval - Events can be defined with start and end times such as 9 AM to 5 PM. Previously, if an event was scheduled to run at the end of the time range, Total Visual Agent would start the tasks, then stop when it noticed the time period expired and issue an error/warning message that the tasks couldn’t be completed. Now if the event is scheduled at the end of the time range, it’s skipped. If you want the top of the hour event to run, set your time range to end at 5:01 rather than 5:00.
  • Show Enabled/Disabled Status on the Event Form - To make it easier to see whether an event is running, the event’s form shows “Enabled” or “Disabled”. You still change this status from the right click menu on the treeview.
  • Improved Monitor Settings Tab - Under Options, the tab for setting monitor options better explains the choices.
  • Import Settings from Previous Versions of Total Visual Agent - Import schedules created in other versions of Total Visual Agent. Under the File menu, Import Manager Settings lets you add specifications from multiple instances without eliminating your existing settings. It automatically uses the existing database specifications if the managed database is already defined.
  • More Robust Windows Service Feature - Total Visual Agent can run as a Windows Service which lets it automatically restart if the machine reboots and doesn't require a user to be logged in to keep it running. The service processes are hidden from the user interface. Enhancements make this more robust and better able to handle unexpected situations.
  • Default Location of Archive and Extract Folders Moved - Default location of archive and extract folders are now in the data folder rather than the folder where Total Visual Agent is installed. This allows Total Visual Agent to be installed in a folder that’s readonly separate from the files it creates.
Total Visual Agent

Total Visual Agent

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