javOnet 1.4 HF24

Improved performance invoking methods with enum arguments.
September 16, 2016
New Version


  • Improved performance invoking methods with enum arguments.
  • Added support for scalable licensing models.
  • Improved the error message when there is no matching method found. The error message includes the arguments detected based on user input and more detailed expected method signature.
  • Added support to properly choose the method when there is only one overload with matching number of arguments and all passed arguments are null of unknown type.
  • Added new method on Javonet object “setLicenseDirectory” to specify alternative path for storing Javonet license files.
  • Added support for returning modified .NET reference objects as byref invocation results. Now developers can invoke .NET methods passing .NET object as by ref argument to be modified on .NET side (i.e. DateTime).


  • Bugfix: Fixed Javonet activation with proxy servers.
  • Bugfix: Fixed support for null arguments without using NNull object.


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