Total Access Analyzer 2016 V16.00.0032

Improves Blueprint reports.
October 11, 2016 - 10:29
New Version


  • When selecting another output database you can now trap for problems loading it, including the database is readonly.
  • Report headers are updated when a new output database is loaded.
  • Blueprint reports handle forms with tab pages that exceed what can fit on one report.
    • Previewing the report is possible so they don’t close each other.
    • Subtitle on reports shows the tab report number.
  • Relationships: Resolve field references of tables that are not documented, including Msys table (no longer triggers error that a field in a relationship can’t be resolved incorrectly).
  • Report Export folder dialog uses more modern version.


  • Documentation of field descriptions on linked tables is corrected.
  • Additional routines to prevent crashing when corrupt objects are encountered.
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