Solutions Schedule COM 64 v2.0

Create intuitive resource planning, field service, logistics management, and warehousing solutions.
October 24, 2016 - 12:20
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There are 5 primary elements that comprise Solutions Schedule COM 64:

  • Schedule Area - where time bars are created and interacted with and through which developers define the type of Gantt style end-user interaction, varying degrees of accuracy and supporting information that can be surfaced.
  • Multi Column List View - where developers define style and presentation of the resource data.
  • List Items - which originate in the List View area and carry through the Scheduling Area for contiguous representation of resources and the tasks and roles assigned to them.
  • Ruler Area - which offers direct time line customization for creating plans and schedules based on time types and time lines of seconds to years.
  • Time Bars - which reside in the Schedule Area that complete DBI’s unique Gantt style, intuitively interactive, drag and drop planning and scheduling surface.
Solutions Schedule COM 64

Solutions Schedule COM 64

Enterprise resource planning and scheduling.

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