FusionWidgets XT V3.11.3

New Annual Licensing model, plus bug fixes for FusionWidgets.
November 04, 2016 - 16:46
New Version


Licensing Model Change: The current pricing plan has been changed as of Nov 1st, 2016 to an annual license model for new customers, based on the number of developers. To continue to use the software after 1 year new customers will need to purchase the annual license again. Please Note: Existing customers may continue to renew their current licenses under the previous license model to get support and product updates, plus existing customers may upgrade their current license to Team, Enterprise or Enterprise Plus license options under the older license model.

Common Updates:

  • Toolbars can now be customized using the following attributes:
    • toolbarX
    • toolbarY
    • toolbarHAlign
    • toolbarYAlign
    • toolbarPosition
  • The message font and font color can now be customized when the ​showChartMessage() method is used to set custom chart messages. The ​showChartMessage() API is now modified to: showChartMessage(text, modal, cancelable, customAttrs) Where, ​customAttrs is an object that​ can take the ​color, ​fontSize, and ​font attributes as values.
  • Tooltips no longer overflow out of charts. Previously, in spite of enough space being available, the tooltips would flow out of charts. Now, if there is sufficient rendering space available, the tooltip is constrained to fit inside the chart.
  • Trailing commas in the JS code generated by the .NET wrapper have now been removed.


FusionWidgets Fixes:

  • For all gauges, when a data plot is clicked, the ​clickURL event is now fired only once. Previously this event was triggered twice.
  • Rendering issues in gauges having low height dimension have been fixed.
  • For gauges rendered with low dimensions, the scale axis now shows the upper and lower limit display values by truncating them. Previously, if there was insufficient space, the scale axis values were not rendered because numeric values cannot be truncated. This fix lets the upper and lower limit non-numeric display values to be truncated and rendered, in spite of low dimensions.

Common Fixes:

  • Behavioral issues encountered when the ​clickURL​ attribute and the ​export event are used together have been fixed. Previously, the events would be triggered together resulting in chart export and redirection happening at the same time.
  • Message log buttons are now hidden when ​messageGoesToLog=0.
  • Tooltip rendering issues in the Bootstrap Modal Window have been fixed.
  • For all Cartesian charts, when ​decimals=0, the issue of numeric values repeating for consecutive div lines along the y-axis has been fixed.
  • Y-axis scaling is now done based on trend-line values, along with data values. Previously, when the trend-line values were not included, due to the difference between the largest data value and the trend-line value, the latter was often not visible on the chart.
  • For server-side export, the ​exported event is now triggered as expected. Previously, the event was not triggered when ​exportAction=save.
  • The ​exportFormats attribute can now be used for enabling export in selected formats. Previously, even though a single format was passed as value to this attribute, the export menu still showed all the supported formats.
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FusionWidgets XT

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