IP*Works! Java Edition 2016

Supports new SSL stack implementations removing reliance on security libraries, plus HTTP/2 support.
November 21, 2016
New Version


  • SSL Support - IP*Works! and IP*Works! SSL have been merged. IP*Works! 2016 now includes SSL/TLS-enabled components for all TCP based communications.
  • HTTP/2 Support - IP*Works! components now support HTTP/2.
  • New WebSocket Component - A client implementation of the WebSocket component included in IP*Works! WS.
  • New CertMgr Component - Manages digital certificates installed on a system.
  • New OAuth Component - Authorizes a client and provides an authorization string to be used in future requests.
  • Improved XML Technology - XMLp and XMLw are merged into one component (XML) that will offer combines all the benefits of parsing and writing included in the individual components. This new component also includes new features such as simplified DOM navigation, performance enhancements, new Encoding support, and improved navigation abilities.
  • Performance Improvements - JSON parsing is up to five time faster and streaming is now supported. Performance is also improved across the entire component collection.
  • API Improvements - Many API enhancements have been added to give you a better development experience.
  • Security Improvements - Certificate SHA256 Thumbprints are now supported and certificate validation on Mono have been improved. Note that full SHA-256 and TLS 1.2 support is also included.
  • TryXPath method has been added for JSON, XML, and all XPath enabled components for smarter document navigation and less code.
  • Java editions support new SSL stack implementations removing reliance on security libraries.
IP*Works! Java Edition

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