RapidSpell Web .NET v5.2

Added support for jQuery Combobox.
December 06, 2016 - 13:24
New Version


  • Added Polish and Russian UI texts.
  • Added support for jQuery Combobox.
  • Added support for jQuery autosize.
  • Added documentation on using with KendoUI rich text box, see 3rd party text box section of the help.
  • Improved handling of textboxes made invisible and then visible again.
  • Added rsw_unregisterTextBox(textBoxId) function to remove textbox from spell checker.
  • Added preventDefaultCurrentEvent function to allow event cancellation (eg key events), see the Client Scripting section of the help.
  • Added double click event mapping to original textbox with as you type mode.
  • Map double click events to source textbox handler (for AYT).
  • Added submitOnEnterForSingleLine property to TBS objects to allow Enter to trigger form submit.
  • Added rapidSpell.ayt_forceNoScrollBars to allow complete override of scroll bars in AYT textboxes (false by default), useful with older browsers in certain document modes.


  • Fix bug in text reconciliation (for text changes occurring after a spell request was sent).
  • Addressed nodeValue being deprecated.
  • Prevent suggestions context menu being hidden as textboxes are initialized.
  • Fixed Firefox issue with newlines.
  • Fixed bug with textboxes marked to be ignored being picked up under certain conditions.
  • Fix placeholder bug.
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