PrimalScript 2017 (7.3.98)

Create simultaneous builds for 32-bit and 64-bit targets.
January 24, 2017 - 11:22
New Version


  • Enables simultaneous builds for 32-bit and 64-bit targets.
  • Added context menu for performance graph to clear data.
  • Added new copy version button on About dialog.
  • Performance chart now logs up to three executions of the same script when run consecutively.
  • #MARK: comments now listed in the navigation drop-down menu.
  • Improved engine selection user interface in packager.
  • Added option to build native start application for platform specific packager targets.
  • Added option to resolve dot sourced files when packaging as an executable.
  • Packaging now places executables in subfolders and separated by platform.


  • Minor skinning and high DPI fixes.
  • Matching braces function sometimes displays wrong character.
  • Large volumes of script output can freeze UI.
  • Attempting to use PPK license key results in clearer error message.
  • Remove license button removed from about box, already exists on license dialog.
  • Remove Copy button from About dialog to avoid copying license information.
  • Spelling error in command line engine description.
  • Settings not saved on exit on Microsoft Windows 10 machines.
  • Cache not build after Microsoft Windows 10 anniversary update.
  • PowerShell V5 engine templates are signed and cannot be re-signed.
  • MSDN Help opens in Document Explorer.
  • Step-out not recognizing debugger terminated.
  • Brackets not highlighted when matching bracket was off-screen.
  • MSI builder maintains folder structure in installer, if files are related to first file added.
  • Deploy function maintains folder structures, if files are related to main file.


Powerful, state of the art scripting.

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