Infragistics Windows Forms Test Automation for IBM 2016 Volume 2

Adds support for testing UltraOfficeNavBar, UltraZoomPanel and UltraColorPicker controls.
January 26, 2017 - 11:56
New Version


New Controls supported by IG TestAutomation

  • UltraOfficeNavBar - Inspired by the Outlook Navigation bar, the Ultra Office Nav Bar provides a simple way to navigate between different views of the same data.
  • UltraZoomPanel - This new control is a container that allows the user to zoom in and scroll through the contents of the contained controls. For example, if you were to place an Ultra Grid control inside an Ultra Zoom Panel, you would have the ability to zoom in on the grid data.
  • UltraColorPicker - The color-selecting experience has been re-designed to provide a modern UI, allowing you to customize the palette any way you like. It supports RGB, HSL or CMYK formats as well as five different view styles to choose from.

Infragistics Windows Forms Test Automation for IBM

Enable automated testing of the presentation layer using IBM Rational Functional Tester.

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