DevExpress WPF 16.2.5

Adds support for Visual Studio 2017.
March 08, 2017 - 10:56
New Version


  • Adds support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.


Data Access Library

  • Data Source Wizard - It's impossible to define and use a query parameter while adding a custom SQL query.

DXBars for WPF

  • BarManager - The CreateStandardLayout property does not work.

DXCharts for WPF

  • An extra text element is shown when the Crosshair Panel is enabled in certain situations.
  • Chart Designer - Pattern Editor captions are not localizable.
  • Chart rendering performance is not optimal when the resolve overlapping feature is disabled.

DXControls for WPF

  • DXSplashScreen incorrectly calculates its position if ScaleTransform is applied to the Owner's parent.
  • DXTabControl does not appear to update a tab header when an ItemsSource item is replaced.
  • DXWindow - Setting the HeaderItems property at runtime has no effect.
  • Minimize/Restore/Close are not working on DXRibbonWindow with AeroMode.
  • The Close button is missing on DXTabbedWindow.
  • The theme's Foreground color is overridden in controls placed into DXTabControl.

DXDiagram for WPF

  • DiagramControl crashes with NullReferenceException when items are removed from the diagram before connectors.
  • DiagramControl ignores style triggers when the CustomStyleId property is used.
  • It is impossible to change the shape size or angle in the AddingNewItem event handler.
  • The UpdateRoute method should clear all intermediate points if the connector type was changed.

DXDocking for WPF

  • Canceling the DockItemActivating event also disables the context menu.
  • DockLayoutManager raises an exception on docking AutoHideGroups in certain cases.
  • Document names in DocumentGroup's drop-down list are displayed without the first underscore symbol.
  • GridControl in DocumentPanel - Validation error highlighting is missing in an editor when the DocumentPanel is docked to another place.
  • Inconsistent background appearance of DXDocking.DocumentPanel tabs.
  • Invoking the DockLayoutManager.MDIController.Maximize method has no effect after upgrading to 16.2.
  • Panels cannot be focused after GridSplitter located in one of DockLayoutManager's panels is moved.
  • PopupBaseEdit's popup flickers on opening and is shown shifted to the left when declared within LayoutControlItems.
  • RestoreLayoutFromStream causes an exception when floating windows are present.
  • The "Cannot modify the logical children for this node at this time because a tree walk is in progress" exception occurs when switching to another tab.

DXEditors for WPF

  • SearchTokenLookUpEdit raises InvalidOperationException when the IsReadOnly property is changed several times.
  • The FrameworkElementFactory.AddHandler() method throws ArgumentException on registering a handler for the BaseEdit.EditorActivated event.
  • The Range control has an incorrect layout after being refreshed.
  • The SimpleButton icon's behavior is changed in 2016.2.4.
  • ToggleSwitch is not animated properly.

DXGrid for WPF

  • An Excel filter's popup inherits its parent column's EditSettings.HorizontalContentAlignment.
  • An IconSetFormat with custom icons can't be serialized.
  • Binding the ShowCheckBoxSelectorColumn property causes an exception in certain cases.
  • CardView - Cell values are not exported when a custom CellTemplate is used.
  • Excel style filtering does not work with dates in async server mode.
  • GridControl locks Visual Studio in certain cases at design time.
  • Groups' total summaries alignment breaks during horizontal scrolling.
  • InvalidOperationException occurs if the TableView.ShowCheckBoxSelectorColumn property is defined in the window style.
  • Keyboard navigation does not work when TableView.AllowScrollToFocusedRow is set to False.
  • LookUpEdit hangs when all drop-down items are selected and the dropdown is opened again.
  • Master-Detail - DataContext of context menus is not synchronized.
  • NewItemRow columns are not aligned when GridControl is grouped and being scrolled horizontally.
  • Popup controls in the WPF ribbon do not respond to the mouse wheel.
  • Removing a node causes NullReferenceException in the DevExpress.Data.TreeList.TreeListDataControllerBase.UpdateCalculatedTotalSummary method.
  • Setting a column's width with the asterisk symbol ("*") causes an exception in the designer view.
  • The AllowMergeEditor method doesn't allow forbidding cell merging in 16.2.
  • The Best Fit functionality doesn't respect bold text in group footers.
  • The NullReferenceException is raised when GridControl's context menu is shown on RowIndicator for detail GridControl column headers.
  • The System.NullReferenceException occurs when DataNavigator is shown and GridControl's ItemsSource property is set to an empty collection of the dynamic type.
  • The TableView.FocusedRowHandle property is initialized with 0.
  • There is no way to prevent changing the appearance of required rows when UniqueDuplicateRuleFormatCondition is used.

DXLayoutControl for WPF

  • Data validation does not work in custom editors within the DataLayoutControl.
  • DataLayoutItems are not shown in the Visual Studio designer although they are defined in XAML.

DXMap for WPF

  • An unexpected delay occurs when loading tiles after switching the layer's DataProvider property at runtime.
  • MapControl does not render data from shapefiles after upgrade to version 16.2.4.
  • The VectorLayer.SelectedItems property does not handle the CollectionChanged events.
  • WmsDataProvider - Incorrect URL is used.

DXPivotGrid for WPF

  • PivotFieldListControl - Group Caption is not shown correctly.

DXPrinting for WPF

  • DocumentPreviewControl - The selection functionality doesn't operate correctly in the Search Panel.

DXPropertyGrid for WPF

  • A related Category is not automatically selected according to a new SelectedPropertyPath value in the Tabbed view.
  • Binding to the Visibility property of the PropertyDefinition template is not working.
  • PropertyGridControl's definitions flick when the PropertyDefinitionsSource property is changed.
  • Scrolling by clicking an image inside the ScrollBar's buttons doesn't work when the Seven theme is applied.

DXRibbon for WPF

  • DXRibbonWindow's title disappears when the window is resized.
  • Popups are not shown correctly in the AutoHide Ribbon Control for the second time.
  • Ribbon Merging - NullReferenceException occurs when MergeOrder of different elements is set to the same value.
  • Shortcuts are not shown after pressing the Alt key in Slim mode when the RibbonHeaderVisibility property has the Collapsed value.

DXRichEdit for WPF

  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs when selecting text in the TextBox of a specific Rtf document and the cursor moves outside TextBox boundaries.
  • NullReferenceException occurs in the PointsToPixelsConverter.Convert method on an attempt to open the Borders and Shading dialog for a table.
  • RichEditControl changes the indent of the first list only if several lists are selected.
  • RichEditControl does not display correct page numbers if the PAGE field is placed in a frame.
  • RichEditControl does not show a scrollbar with ScrollBarMode="TouchOverlap".
  • System.NullReferenceException is thrown while converting the changed RichEditControl's document content to Rtf if the RichEditControl.Content property has a TwoWay binding.

DXScheduler for WPF

  • An appointment is not hidden if its resource has the Resource.Visible option disabled and the SchedulerControl.GroupType property is set to None.
  • An appointment's text is shifted outside the container when a large font is applied to SchedulerControl and the AppointmentAutoHeight option is enabled.
  • Appointments are not rendered properly on vertical scrolling.
  • Appointments aren't displayed for the newly shown resources when the visible resource count is increased with the Resource Navigator.
  • The top scale in the Timeline view goes outside its bounds on scrolling.

DXSpellChecker for WPF

  • NullReferenceException occurs on an attempt to insert a new line at the end of the TextEdit's content when TextEdit is checked with the SpellChekcer component.

DXSpreadsheet for WPF

  • A custom in-place editor is positioned incorrectly if the worksheet is zoomed in/out.
  • ArgumentException is thrown while copying cells if the Workbook.DocumentSettings.R1C1ReferenceStyle option is enabled.
  • Cell borders specified using Conditional Formatting are rendered incorrectly if a neighboring cell has a solid border.
  • Columns cannot be resized if the application is run with high DPI.
  • Long formulas are not wrapped in the Formula Bar.
  • SpreadsheetControl's horizontal scrollbar disappears when the column width is set to the maximum value.
  • Switching between absolute and relative cell references by pressing the F4 key does not work for cross-sheet references.

DXTreeList for WPF

  • A checked CheckBox is unchecked after a click on a TreeList column.
  • Localization - Wrong translation for GridControlStringId.DDExtensionsCannotDropHere and GridControlStringId.DDExtensionsMoveToChildrenCollection identifiers in German language.
  • The column chooser loses focus when TreeListControl.EndDataUpdate is used.
  • The TreeListView.CustomColumnSort event is raised for columns with SortMode != Custom.

PDF Viewer for WPF

  • Provide a way to create an image from a page in PdfViewerControl.
  • The 'Zoom' popup list displays incorrect results when the ZoomMode property is set in XAML.

Scaffolding Wizards

  • IOException is thrown when generating an application using Scaffolding Wizard v16.2.

Theme Editor

  • ThemeEditor crashes on an attempt to customize the ToggleSwitch editor.

Windows UI

  • Office2016Colorful - DXDialog and DXWindow look different in versions 15.2 and 16.2.
  • Setting the DXWindow.IsAeroMode property to true causes an exception on machines with Windows 7.

XtraReports Suite

  • DevExpress.CodeParser.v15.2.dll assembly reference is not added to the project automatically after running the DataSource wizard.
  • DocumentPreviewControl - Export to a Pdf file is still available although the corresponding item is added to the HiddenExportFormats collection.
  • DocumentPreviewControl - PrintDialog doesn't preserve user settings when being invoked subsequently.
  • DocumentPreviewControl - Provide a way to customize the smoothing mode of a preview image.
  • DocumentPreviewControl - Seach Panel - The "Previous" & "Next" buttons preserve the Pressed state.
  • WPF Report Designer - A report layout is broken since the ArgumentException is thrown on an attempt to load the report definition file.
  • WPF Report Designer - It is impossible to change the Font appearance of a styled control.
  • WPF Report Designer - Move the ParameterTypeRegistrator class outside the native namespace.
  • WPF Report Designer - NullReferenceException is thrown on an attempt to link a query parameter with a report parameter.
  • WPF Report Designer doesn't support customization of a list of stored connections using the IConnectionStorageService interface implementation.
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