SourceGear Vault Professional 10

Adds support for SQL Server 2016 and Windows Server 2016, plus support for Visual Studio 2017.
April 20, 2017 - 16:09
New Version


  • Vault Server
    • Added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and Microsoft Windows Server 2016.
    • The Vault 10 architecture has been modified to allow files or modifications larger than 2 GB.
  • Windows GUI Client
    • 'Run Last Search on Selected Folder' [Shift+F3] command to quickly run the last search criteria on the currently selected folder.
    • ChangeSet comments now support more than 32K characters.
    • Improved support for for High DPI displays and font scaled at 150% to 200%.
    • Extended the Repository Explorer Item properties pane to display the currently selected folder's properties.
    • Users can cloak individual files.
    • New option to set the Folder Changes Archive bundle's individual file timestamps to 'current', 'check in' or 'modification' time.
    • Taskbar icon displays the progress indicator value during long operations on Windows 7 or later.
  • Vault Extension for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
    • A new Vault Client Visual Studio Extension for integrating Visual Studio solution and project files as well as Work Items with Vault.
  • Vault Visual Studio Classic Client
    • Corrected the 'Check Out Failed - You already have the file checked out' message when editing a set of known, related files within Visual Studio 2015.
  • Vault Cross Platform Client
    • Fixed an exit condition in GET operations that caused a potential loop for some virtual machine networks.
    • 'Run Last Search on Selected Folder' [Shift+F3] command to quickly run the last search criteria on the currently selected folder.
    • Users can cloak individual files.
    • Allow renames when only case has changed - Ex: $/Foo/BAR can be renamed to $/Foo/bar.
  • Web Client - Bug Tracking
    • Addressed problem where the default values of Custom Fields were not saved in added Work Items.
    • New User preference to display Associated ChangeSets inline with Work Item comments.
    • Changing a Work Item's category no longer sets the resolver field to the reporter when the Category's resolver is unassigned.
  • Web Admin Client
    • New Advanced Setting to allow unlimited or set a limitation for the size of files.
    • Corrected 'Help' link when viewing an individual repository from the Source Control Repositories pages.
    • Added warning message regarding saving Default Repository Settings to all repositories.
    • Clients can now commit modified files in which the repository's setting for the mergeable file list has been removed.
    • Editing the 'external-user' login's password has been disabled.
  • Windows Command Line Client
    • Allow renames when only case has changed - Ex: $/Foo/BAR can be renamed to $/Foo/bar.
    • DETECTNEW command (and -REMOVEDUPLICATES option) allows the Command Line Client to find and add items within working folders not currently under Vault's Source Code Control.
    • CHECKIN, COMMIT, UNDOCHANGESET, and UNDOCHANGESETITEM can now be invoked using the working folder's file path or the item's repository path.
    • Added a COMMENT option to the CHECKOUT command.
    • REMOVELOCALCOPY option added to the COMMIT command.
    • New SETFILETIME option which can be used to set the timestamp of 'current' or 'modification' when creating a BRANCH ChangeSet Item.
    • UNDOCHECKOUT and UNDOCHANGESET commands now default to the user's 'Undo Check Out' setting if the LOCALCOPY option is not specified.
  • Web Client
    • Corrected alignment problem of the Copyright notice within Source Control pages.
  • Vault Folder Export / Import
    • New Features When importing to a New Vault Server, added a button to map existing users to the imported users by login name.
  • Vault SourceSafe Import Tool
    • Corrected display issue where the bottom treeview control of the Visual SourceSafe folders extended below the dialog's height.
SourceGear Vault Professional

SourceGear Vault Professional

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