dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server 3.11.34

Highlights potentially resource-intensive statements.
April 21, 2017 - 11:08
New Version


General Improvements

  • Compliance with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS).
  • Greatly improved visual style of the application with high DPI support.
  • Connection to Microsoft Azure SQL Database by using identities in Azure Active Directory.

Query Profiler

  • Live query statistics.
  • Wait Stats tab.
  • Saving/Opening execution plan files.
  • Table I/O.
  • Highlighting potentially resource-intensive statements.
  • Displaying clustered columnstore indexes in execution plan.

Data Export/Import

  • Dramatically improved data import performance.
  • Export/import of JSON data.
  • Redesigned export/import of XML data.
  • Preview of the generated UPDATE script in the wizard.
  • Detection of column types when importing data from the Excel format.
  • Execution of SET IDENTITY_INSERT ON when the Repopulate option is enabled during data import.
dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server 3.11.34
dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server

dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server

Build complex SQL queries visually.

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