VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) v7.011.1.0

Includes performance improvements, new properties and bug fixes.
May 31, 2017 - 11:14
New Version


Engine Updates

  • Improved the speed of method ClearEraseItems which removes Deleted entities from the Document.
  • The MergeSelection command of vdDocument will also copy the existing Guids to the new Document.
  • A new method EnsureOpenGLContext of vdDocument.GlobalRenderProperties is exported to create and initialize the OpenGL context window.
  • Added the ability to set the color of the X,Y,Z strings of the UCS Icon.
  • Added a new button to the External references dialog that allows the user to add folders to the SupportPath of the Document.
  • Added new property SortSelection of vdDocument to improve consistency of ordering when doing a Window, Crossing or Fence selection.
  • Added a new property Model2dProjectionSize of document to create a more detailed output.
  • vdPrint ExportLines now supports viewports.


Engine Fixes

  • Fixed - EditText and AddText commands do not show cursor correctly when the text has Oblique Angle.
  • Fixed - Polyline with multiple points on points is not rendered properly.
  • Fixed - Inserts Inside Blocks are not visible although their layer is ON.
  • Fixed - Layer Groups and Filters are saved to DXF even if they are deleted before save.
  • Fixed - Image is deleted when used inside a nonused Block.
  • Fixed - Polyline with linetype and start and end widths is not rendered properly.
  • Fixed - RenderToGraphics and RenderToDC clear the background of destination graphics context.
  • Fixed - Dimension objects are not exported properly in PDF.
  • Fixed - An exeption is thrown rarely and randomly inside vdraw Idle.
  • Fixed - Bhatch command adds white color as fillcolor for the created polyhatch.
  • Fixed - Stretch command with user selection of partial mtext causes exception.
  • Fixed - vdMtext objects are not aligned properly.
  • Fixed - vdLayout DrawCCSAxis showOnOrigin parameter is not working properly.
  • Fixed - Application hangs after the user attempts to open specific file.
  • Fixed - Images are not imported properly from EMF.
  • Fixed - Block names are not proper for DWG.
  • Fixed - LineTypes with Shape segments are not diplay properly in 3d with ExcludeFromList Draw3DFlag.
  • Fixed - Layer control is not displaying large layer names properly.
  • Fixed - bHatch and getBoundaryPoly commands problem.
  • Fixed - 3dPAthSection is not working correctly with line following z axis.
  • Fixed - Printer paper is not read properly.
  • Fixed - MText is rendered in wrong position.
  • Fixed - vdDimension is thrown an exception.
  • Fixed - Adjust scaling sensitivity for user action scale in VDF.
  • Fixed - Texts in hide mode are shown whill behind other objects.
  • Fixed - ElevatedGradientColors in vdPolyface are not shown in Render mode.
  • Fixed - GetBoundaryPolyFromPoint issue.
  • Fixed - Dot line types are not visible during action draw.
  • Fixed - Drawing with empty texts has wrong bounding box when inserted as block.
  • Fixed - Gradient fill is not working properly.
  • Fixed - cmdMirror is not working properly with vdText in some cases and MirrorText false.
  • Fixed - LineForced property should be applied only to radial and diameter dimensions.
  • Fixed - DWG file opens some image objects that should not appear.
  • Fixed - Rotate3D command also rotates the HatchAngle of HatchProperties.
  • Fixed - HatchPattern property of the HatchProperties is not restored to UndoHistory.
  • Fixed - DimStyle block name contains block that refrences itself.
  • Fixed - Superscript and subscript in MTexts are not rendered properly.
  • Fixed - In rare cases with bad printer drivers some exceptions occur.
  • Fixed - MultiViews locked when layer 0 is locked.
  • Fixed - PrintOut in Black and White is not as in VDF version 6.

vdDXF Fixes

  • Fixed - XProperty of type HANDLE is not exported properly in DXF.
  • Fixed - XProperties are not exported properly in DXF and DGN.
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