VectorDraw Web Library v7.7011.0.1

Now supports WebGL material images with WebGL render mode.
May 31, 2017 - 11:49
New Version


  • Supports WebGL (Web Graphics Library) material images with WebGL render mode.
  • Supports WebGL section clip.
  • Supports draw hatch boundary with scriptCommand hatch.
  • Adjusts scaling size when zoom-in, zoom-out with mouse actions.
  • A new event vdSelectionModified fires for every entity the user selects.
  • Reduces the file size of the produced vds file when exporting polylines with different segment widths.
  • Adjusts the scaling sensitivity for user action scale when the mouse is moving, in order to keep scaling entities inside mouse position and reference point.
  • New arguments have been added in vdcanvas.vdSelectionModified method so users can cancel the selection by code whenever they want.
  • Added a new property UndoStack to allow the removal of previous undo records from the history/undo collection.
  • Added the ability to count the number of currently selected items.
  • Added a new property vdrawObj.ActiveAction().parse("") that parses the passed command string and finishes the action.
  • Added the ability to exclude entities from save.
  • New ActionDraw event displays custom user shapes.
  • Added the ability to add dimension in Web Control.
  • ActionScaleMode works when user inserts block reference.
  • Added the ability to merge several documents into one.
  • It is now possible to identify which snap point was clicked for an action.


  • Fixed - Drawing solid fill polygons with a large number of points takes too much time in WebGL.
  • Fixed - ScriptCommand finish callback does not fire in all cases.
  • Fixed - GroupsManager.AddItem method throws an exception.
WebGL enabled in vdraw web library.

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