TX Text Control ActiveX Standard X14 SP2

Latest Service Pack includes several bug fixes.
June 15, 2017 - 9:53
New Version


  • RTF import: Illegal tab stop positions.
  • Paragraph background color and paragraph colored borders are not exported to HTML.
  • HTML import: Misnested META tag inside TR tag causes application crash.
  • CSS import: Background color can not be set with shorthand property.
  • DOCX to HTML conversion creates invalid XHTML.
  • HTML import: Text Control hangs when loading an HTML file.
  • TextFrame FrameLine property is not memorized after saving.
  • The text is not correctly refreshed if the size of an image is decreased.
  • Specific words are not printed under very specific circumstances.
  • The error 03-131C is thrown if a document with referenced images where the image files are not accessible is saved to PDF.
TX Text Control ActiveX Standard

TX Text Control ActiveX Standard

Give your application the ability to read, edit, and create documents.

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