DevExpress WPF 17.1.4

Includes bug fixes for DXCharts, DXBars, DXControls, DXDiagram and more.
June 30, 2017 - 10:10
New Version


All WPF Controls

  • The combo box shows the dropdown when it's clicked if the MetropolisDark theme is applied.
  • The dx:ThemeManager.ThemeName property doesn't affect controls in Visual Studio's designer.
  • The NullReferenceException occurs when the QualifiedImage extension is used within a resource or style.

DemoCenter (.NET)

  • The InvalidOperationException occurs in certain scenarios when data is loaded via Entity Framework.

DXAccordion for WPF

  • The expanding/collapsing logic is broken if an AccordionItem's underlying object raises the PropertyChanged event.

DXBars for WPF

  • Font Size BarButtonEdit width is wrong in all touch themes (Toolbar-Menu System Demo).
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the BarSubItemLink.CanOpenMenuCore property in certain scenarios.
  • Opening a new TabItem from BarSubItem moves focus to a previously selected TabItem instead of a newly created and selected one.
  • The application hangs when the drop-down list is scrolled using the mouse wheel.

DXCharts for WPF

  • 3DChart - A single argument is displayed on the Qualitative scale.
  • Axis Titles are hidden when ChartControl is rotated.
  • Chart Designer - The appearance of certain text elements cannot be customized.
  • Chart3DControl - Unhandled exception occurs when rendering the Surface Series View with null values in the data source.
  • ChartControl does not stretch to the container height if the "auto" height is applied to the parent panel.
  • ChartControl does not update its content after its data source has been changed in certain cases.
  • ChartControl freezes because resolve label overlapping on axis works infinitely.
  • ChartControl tries parsing string arguments even if ArgumentScaleType is set to Qualitative.
  • Crosshair Panel completely overlays the Legend item in certain situations.
  • Crosshair Panel rendering performance is not optimal in certain situations.
  • The "Height must be non-negative" exception is raised if a Bar Series does not contain any valued points.
  • WPF Spreadsheet control crashes when inserting a Radar chart.

DXControls for WPF

  • BackstageViewControl doesn't display items when its DataContext is changed.
  • BackstageViewControl's items populated from the ItemsSource collection cannot be recognized by the Inspect tool after upgrading to version 16.1.
  • Content of DXWindow and DXMessageBox has white foreground in the VS2010 theme.
  • DXWindow's header contains a focusable control with the IsTabStop property set to "True" by default.
  • HeaderItems disappear when DXMessageBox is shown.
  • Splashscreen is not closed if it is shown and closed in the Application.Startup event handler.
  • The VS2010 theme raises binding errors.
  • The WinUIDialogWindow and DXDialogWindow classes are not documented.
  • ThemedWindow with SizeToContent calculates incorrect bounds in certain scenarios.

DXDiagram for WPF

  • Appearance properties of the DiagramShape and DiagramContentItem classes should have the same names and be arranged in the same order in DiagramDesignerControl's Properties Panel.
  • BasedOn is ignored for styles specified in CustomStyleId.
  • EndArrow is not straight when BeginPoint is attached to a shape.
  • The "Left to Right" and "Right to Left" buttons are mixed up in the "Re-layout Subordinates" menu.

DXDocking for WPF

  • A maximized panel can be restored by dragging its header when the AllowDrag property is set to False.
  • ArgumentNullException is thrown in DockLayoutManager on reloading the layout in certain cases.
  • CaptionAlignMode is not applied to LayoutGroup in certain cases.
  • DockLayoutManager automatically switches to the previously active panel.
  • FloatingPaneWindows are not collected when the manager is unloaded from the visual tree.
  • Make it possible to restore the layout saved before the fix from the T427400 thread was applied.
  • TabbedDocumentUIService raises an exception on creating a document.
  • The floating panel stops rendering if its DockLayoutManager is located in the floating panel and the EnableWin32Compatibility option is enabled.
  • The LayoutItemSelectionChanged event is not raised in certain cases.
  • The mouse pointer position is wrong when the LayoutPanel is dragged from the maximized state to normal.
  • UserControl's Loading event is raised when UserControl is used in DockLayoutManager, its layout is restored and a corresponding Window is closed.

DXEditors for WPF

  • DateEditPickerStyleSettings - Text is hard to read in the MetropolisDark theme.
  • FilterControl doesn't show an editor for the IsAnyOf operator when it's selected after the IsBlank operator.
  • LayoutControl hangs in certain scenarios when a user scrolls it or one of its nested list controls to the bottom.
  • LookUpEdit doesn't apply Background when TokenLookUpEditStyleSettings is used.
  • NullReferenceException occurs in the GetDropOpposite method.
  • The Camera Control displays an empty screen after reopening the settings window and selecting another camera.

DXGrid for WPF

  • The CellToolTipBinding property affects the AutoFilter Row and produces binding errors.
  • A LookUpEditSettings column loses its display text after editing a cell.
  • A non-existent row is displayed in NewItemRow after removing two rows.
  • A right fixed band sometimes flickers when a user resizes it in TreeListView.
  • A right-fixed band flickers when resizing a column on a monitor with 150% DPI.
  • ArgumentException is thrown on printing DXGrid in Server mode.
  • Best Fit - Columns are resized without taking into account the cell width when the grid is scrolled to the bottom and the number of visible rows is reduced.
  • Bindings to the GridCellData.Value property in a custom CellTemplate return an incorrect value.
  • Cell editors can display empty tooltips when buttons for inactive cells are displayed.
  • CellTemplate - TextEdit.IsReadOnly is not updated by MultiBinding.
  • CellToolTipBinding - It is impossible to bind via the RowData.DataContext property.
  • Context menu items in the detail grid's group panel correspond to the master grid.
  • ExcelColumnFilterPopup doesn't adjust its width to its content.
  • Excel-style filtering - Tab captions are not translated in resource assemblies available in the .NET Products installer.
  • FilteringBehavior doesn't generate a corresponding property in FilteringViewModel for a property with the Guid type.
  • GridControl displays an incorrect value when a row is deleted and another row is modified.
  • GridControl raises an exception when multiselection is enabled and ShowIndicator="False".
  • GridControl sometimes incorrectly determines the column order when columns are located in hidden bands.
  • GridControl with MasterDetail raises the "An item with the same key has already been added" exception if its data is reset before the grid is shown the first time.
  • GridControl's AutoFilter Criteria aren't correctly updated when the ShowCriteriaInAutoFilterRow property is enabled and GridControl's source is assigned after GridControl is loaded.
  • GridControl's CopyRowsToClipboard method throws an exception if the cell selection mode is enabled.
  • Group merging - There is no ability to merge groups automatically.
  • Group rows' text is empty when the AllowPartialGrouping feature is enabled and data is exported using the DataAware engine.
  • Non-default DateTime operators are removed from the FilterString property after GridControl is loaded and the ShowCriteriaInAutoFilterRow property is enabled.
  • Removing a column when AllowMergedGrouping="True" and a grid contains a merged group causes InvalidOperationException.
  • ReportGenerationExtensions - A mask applied to a GridColumn isn't applied to the XRBinding.FormatString property value.
  • Resizing the GridControl with a fixed band causes hanging and corrupts the layout with High DPI.
  • Switching between templates with GridControls causes NullReferenceException.
  • The "Resource not found" exception is raised when DXRibbon or DXBars are used in one of Office 2016 SE themes.
  • The ArgumentOutOfRange exception occurs when GridControl's source is changed and a cell is focused at the same time.
  • The CopyingToClipboard and PastingFromClipboard events are raised inconsistently.
  • The Excel column filter doesn't respond when the filter is applied if GridControl contains a lot of entries.
  • The Excel FilterPopup is closed on clicking within the "Filter Rules" tab when GridControl is placed into ContentControl with FocusManager.IsFocusScope set to True.
  • The Excel Style Filter Popup's Between operand doesn't show values from a corresponding column when async server mode sources are used.
  • The ExcelDateColumnFilterScope enum values cannot be localized.
  • The FindDetailDataControlByRow method doesn't search in additional details if the first detail doesn't contain a corresponding data item.
  • The FindRowByValueAsync method does not find a row if a corresponding column is not explicitly defined in GridControl.
  • The GridColumn.Width property doesn't support the 'cm' format.
  • The ValidateRow event is raised twice when a user navigates to NewItemRow using the Up key.
  • Tooltips defined at the level of LightweightCellEditors are ignored even though the CellToolTipBinding property is not set.
  • TreeListView updates its node check boxes slowly.
  • VisibleIndex is ignored on restoring a band.

DXLayoutControl for WPF

  • Invisible text in the Office 2010 Black theme.
  • LayoutGroup uses the Infinity value to measure its content when the content visibility is changed.

DXMap for WPF

  • An unhandled exception occurs in design mode when placing the Legends section before the VectorLayer definition.
  • InvalidCastException is raised if a layer is deleted during zoom animation.
  • It is impossible to change zoom hotkeys.
  • KeyColorColorizer is not applied when exporting the MapControl to an image at runtime.
  • MapControl's Tooltip is cut by the control's boundaries.
  • OsmGeocodeDataProvider - Location data is encoded incorrectly in certain situations.
  • ZIndex is not taken into account when displaying a lot of MapCustomElement items and the range of ZIndex values is large.

DXPivotGrid for WPF

  • Conditional Formatting Rules Manager does not automatically update the Row and Column fields if the '(Any)' value is selected in both of the fields.
  • The "(Show Blanks)" option in the filter popup does not filter empty values in certain cases.

DXPrinting for WPF

  • DocumentViewer doesn't display a document created by the PrintableControlLink.

DXPropertyGrid for WPF

  • OutOfMemoryException is thrown when ColorPicker is used on a machine with HiDPI.
  • Properties of an item from CollectionDefinition are not automatically shown in PropertyGridControl.
  • PropertyGrid with a custom RowTemplate throws StackOverflowException.
  • PropertyGridControl - The propertyValues parameter does not contain all edited object properties in the CreateInstance method of a custom TypeConverter.
  • The PropertyDefinition.Header property binding isn't updated when the PropertyChanged event is raised.

DXRibbon for WPF

  • NullReferenceException occurs when opening a sub item's dropdown if an invisible BarButtonGroup exists.
  • Ribbon Quick Access Toolbar displays BarItemLink separators if the ToolbarShowCustomizationButton property has the False value in 15.2.11 and 16.1.4.
  • RibbonPageGroup's SuperTip is not displayed for groups added dynamically.
  • The Back button in RibbonControl's BackstageView is invisible in the DXStyle theme when the RibbonStyle property is set to 'OfficeSlim' or 'TabletOffice'.
  • The button to hide/show the ribbon bar is invisible (white on white) in the Office 2016 White SE theme.
  • The ribbon items' hover color is too dark in the MetropolisLight theme.
  • The window cannot be moved if the backstage is opened.

DXRichEdit for WPF

  • An inserted table that is attached to an existing table causes the column borders to disappear.
  • Inserting a new paragraph between different lines of text results in that the top most lines of the text disappear.
  • InvalidCastException when typing a font name in the font сombobox in EditStyleFormControl.
  • Make it possible to disable the capability to implicitly specify font settings for LI tags while exporting a document to the HTML format.
  • RichEditControl places the caret at the beginning of the document after performing any modification in TwoWay binding mode.
  • The "Hyperlink" context menu is not displayed for a hyperlink created from an image, when the menu is invoked by clicking the "right" part of the image.

DXScheduler for WPF

  • Day numbers aren't visible in the Month View when the Office2016 SE theme is applied.
  • The "Cannot find governing FrameworkElement or FrameworkContentElement for target element" error occurs on an attempt to create an appointment using an in-place editor.

DXSpreadsheet for WPF

  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException on creating a new document if the current document has charts.
  • Provide the capability to repeat values for merged cells in an exported CSV file.
  • Provide the Print Dialog for SpreadsheetControl.
  • SpreadsheetControl loses focus after a search and replace action is completed and the "Find and Replace" dialog is closed.
  • SpreadsheetControl unexpectedly scrolls the worksheet content on editing cells in frozen columns.
  • The "CELL" function returns incorrect results in certain cases.
  • Top and Bottom borders are not rendered around a document range in WPF SpreadsheetControl.
  • WPF Spreadsheet Control crashes when creating a new document if a chart is selected in the current document.

DXTreeList for WPF

  • The last cell in TreeListView nodes is misaligned when TreeListView contains an empty Fixed band.
  • The TreeListRowData.IsExpanded property value is not yet updated when the TreeListNodeImageSelector.Select method is invoked.
  • TreeListControl does not provide the IsValidRowHandle and GetRowVisibleIndexByHandle methods.
  • TreeListView nodes collapse when a column's UnboundType property is changed internally.

Instant Layout Assistant

  • Visual Studio hangs on a machine where DevExpress controls are installed when a huge solution is opened.

MVVM Framework

  • Binding errors occur on binding expressions to properties of a custom object located in SplashScreen's State.
  • EnumItemsSourceBehavior does not provide the AllowImages property.
  • ImageLoader2.ImageToByteArray() doesn't convert the InteropBitmap type.
  • The ViewModelBase class is not thread-safe.

Scaffolding Wizards

  • The Scaffolding Wizard displays errors at the end of the generation process.
  • UnitOfWorkPolicy.PassSharedToChildren crashes when saving DetailView with LookUpEntitiesViewModel.

Windows UI

  • HeaderItems of a closed DXWindow are shown within DXMessageBox.
  • The AppBar Flyout control is restored at the wrong place after being minimized.
  • The Back and Exit buttons are shown in the AppBar when its width is small.
  • Wrong mouse wheel behavior of the FlipView control with the Horizontal orientation.

XtraReports Suite

  • An application crashes on an attempt to load a file that is opened in Word to the XRRichText control in the End-User Report Designer for WPF.
  • DocumentPreviewControl -  Cascading multi-value parameters do not operate properly.
  • DocumentPreviewControl - Setting ScrollViewer.HorizontalScrollBarVisibility to "Auto" causes the InvalidOperation exception.
  • DocumentPreviewControl - XRControl used as DrillDownControl doesn't immediately respond to mouse clicks.
  • FileNotFoundException is thrown on an attempt to edit parameter bindings of a subreport if a custom report storage is used.
  • It is possible to create a new report using the 'Ctrl-N' shortcut when the IReportStorage.CanCreateNew property returns the False value.
  • The DefaultPreviewBarItemNames enumeration lacks the ExportDocx and SendDocx properties.
  • The RemoteDocumentSource.ParametersRequestBeforeShow event is not raised when a report from a remote source is loaded to DocumentPreviewControl.
  • The WPF Report Designer component displays the report margins property value incorrectly.
  • WPF Report Designer - A new report instance is opened after double-clicking a cloned subreport.
  • WPF Report Designer - A report data source is duplicated when a new data source is assigned to the report.
  • WPF Report Designer - Group fields added via the editor are not immediately visible in the Group And Sort panel.
  • WPF Report Designer - The ArgumentOutOfRange exception is thrown on an attempt to decrease the vertical spacing between intersecting controls.
  • WPF Report Designer - The DetailBand has an incorrect size (1679) when a report is opened in the designer.
  • WPF Report Designer - The Font drop-down editor is not synchronized with the XtraReport.Font property value.
  • WPF Report Designer - The inner properties of a complex object aren't decomposed into table cells while dropping such an object from the Field List.
  • WPF Report Designer - TopMarginBand and BottomMarginBand aren't resized according to the XtraReport.Margins property value.
  • WPF Report Designer  - XRCrossBandLine and XRCrossBandBox controls are not selectable after restoring the layout - the Z-order issue.
  • WPF Report Designer (ReportDesignerBrowserView) - Ribbon isn't merged automatically.
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