Axosoft 17.1.2

Maintenance release includes several bug fixes.
August 21, 2017 - 9:36
New Version


  • Email account credentials are no longer displayed as clear text in Microsoft IIS logs.
  • Exchange Server would reuse Message IDs, which prevented email importing. Axosoft will no longer treat these emails as read.
  • Safari users may now choose filter conditions.
  • Filters will stop showing project IDs instead of project name if projects are inactive.
  • Deleting time units would break existing work logs that used those time units. This should no longer happen.
  • Mobile users of installed versions of Axosoft would get 404 error after logging in or out.
  • Right clicking on a release is now faster with larger data sets of releases.
  • Searching Releases Pane will no longer get stuck loading if SQL Server was upgraded to SQL 2014.
  • Saved Work Logs tab will now retain the Team selection.
  • Switching tabs will no longer leave Releases pane open.
  • Show Inactive Releases now allows horizontal scroll in Releases pane.
  • Search bar now keeps cursor focus when contents are cleared by clicking x
  • VS Team Services or TFS extensions title no longer cut off after save.
  • You may now remove inactive users from security role screen.
  • Grouping work logs relabeled to "### work logs" instead of "### items".


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