Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services (SSRS) V17.8

Adds support for embedded fonts in PowerPoint documents.
September 04, 2017 - 15:52
New Version


  • Added support for embedded fonts in Microsoft PowerPoint documents.
  • Added support for PowerPoint presentations with embedded video.
  • Support for switching Rows and Columns of chart data.
  • Get loaded fonts list from LoadExternalFonts() function.
  • Support for setting offset values for stretched pictures.
  • Added picture border feature.
  • Extract the difference between the organization of text from PPT and PPTX files.


  • When PPT is converted to PDF, the font in output is changed.
  • A presentation with a Bezier Chart on it throws an exception.
  • Hyperlink is not replaced in PPT file.
  • Notes are truncated when saving as image.
  • Presentation repair message appears on converting PPT to PPTX.
  • Table rendered blurred in exported PDF.
  • Equations are improperly rendered inside exported PDF.
  • Shape connector does not anchor correctly.
  • Repair file message appears on opening the generated PPTX file.
  • Exception on extracting internal slide hyperlink.
  • Animation changed after saving PPT.
  • PPT changed after saving.
  • OleObjectFrame with non-Microsoft office document failed to open in PowerPoint.
  • Superscript text is improperly displayed for text when viewed in Chrome.
  • The line position was changed in a specific PPT file.
  • Text in exported SVG is misplaced.
  • Gradient and Texture effects are missing in exported HTML.
  • Shape outlines on tables/charts are not rendered in PDF/PNG.
  • Autofit in Aspose.Slides looks different than in PowerPoint.
  • Blank HTML generated from presentation.
  • Compile warning is generated on accessing SlideSize.
  • PPT to SWF files not properly converted.
  • Information is removed from NotesMaster XML on saving presentation.
  • Difference in Language ID for PPT and PPTX files.
  • The lines that content between boxes (in PPT) are changed.
  • Action on shapes are lost on saving PPT.
  • Presentation gets corrupt on saving.
  • Chart plot area missing in exported PDF.
  • Exception on loading presentation.
  • Hyperlink of “Run Program” type on text is not recognized in PPT.
  • Link with OpenFile ActionType hyperlink is recognized as Hyperlink.
  • External font not applied.
  • Newline rendering issues in paragraph.
Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services (SSRS) V17.8
Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services (SSRS)

Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services (SSRS)

Create Microsoft PowerPoint PPT and PPS files from Reporting Services reports.

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