Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services (SSRS) V17.8

Adds support for embedded fonts in PowerPoint documents.
September 04, 2017 - 15:52
New Version


  • Added support for embedded fonts in Microsoft PowerPoint documents.
  • Added support for PowerPoint presentations with embedded video.
  • Support for switching Rows and Columns of chart data.
  • Get loaded fonts list from LoadExternalFonts() function.
  • Support for setting offset values for stretched pictures.
  • Added picture border feature.
  • Extract the difference between the organization of text from PPT and PPTX files.


  • When PPT is converted to PDF, the font in output is changed.
  • A presentation with a Bezier Chart on it throws an exception.
  • Hyperlink is not replaced in PPT file.
  • Notes are truncated when saving as image.
  • Presentation repair message appears on converting PPT to PPTX.
  • Table rendered blurred in exported PDF.
  • Equations are improperly rendered inside exported PDF.
  • Shape connector does not anchor correctly.
  • Repair file message appears on opening the generated PPTX file.
  • Exception on extracting internal slide hyperlink.
  • Animation changed after saving PPT.
  • PPT changed after saving.
  • OleObjectFrame with non-Microsoft office document failed to open in PowerPoint.
  • Superscript text is improperly displayed for text when viewed in Chrome.
  • The line position was changed in a specific PPT file.
  • Text in exported SVG is misplaced.
  • Gradient and Texture effects are missing in exported HTML.
  • Shape outlines on tables/charts are not rendered in PDF/PNG.
  • Autofit in Aspose.Slides looks different than in PowerPoint.
  • Blank HTML generated from presentation.
  • Compile warning is generated on accessing SlideSize.
  • PPT to SWF files not properly converted.
  • Information is removed from NotesMaster XML on saving presentation.
  • Difference in Language ID for PPT and PPTX files.
  • The lines that content between boxes (in PPT) are changed.
  • Action on shapes are lost on saving PPT.
  • Presentation gets corrupt on saving.
  • Chart plot area missing in exported PDF.
  • Exception on loading presentation.
  • Hyperlink of “Run Program” type on text is not recognized in PPT.
  • Link with OpenFile ActionType hyperlink is recognized as Hyperlink.
  • External font not applied.
  • Newline rendering issues in paragraph.
Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services (SSRS)

Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services (SSRS)

Create Microsoft PowerPoint PPT and PPS files from Reporting Services reports.

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