SQL Toolbelt Essentials - October 2017 Release

SQL Prompt adds support for new SQL Server 2017 syntax.
October 09, 2017 - 17:10
New Version


New in SQL Prompt Pro v8.2

  • Added support for most new Microsoft SQL Server 2017 syntax, including:
    • Added support for new Graph Table syntax.
    • New syntax for online resumable ALTER INDEX statements.
    • Added support for new SELECT INTO .. ON Filegroup syntax.
  • Added new INSERTS page with formatting options for both the column and values lists.


Fixes in SQL Prompt Pro v8.2

  • SP-6617 : Fix 'Align items across clauses' option not aligning to JOIN tables.
  • SP-6626 : Fix AS keywords not aligning in DECLARE statements if 'Align data types' option is set.
  • SP-6627 : Fix multiple INSERT INTO ... EXECUTE formatting bugs with linked servers.
  • SP-6598 : COALESCE does not use the same formatting as functions.
  • SP-6606 : Add support for inline filtered indexes.
  • SP-6608 : Fix synonymns not being suggested as a merge target.
  • SP-6612 : Fix column alias style refactoring sometimes incorrectly applying to the inside of a CAST or PARSE function.
  • SP-6616 : Fix formatting for ALTER EVENT SESSION statements with extended events failing.
  • SP-6618 : Fix JOIN statements in a MERGE failing to format.
  • SP-6619 : Fix UniversalAccessTokenCache spamming log files.
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