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Remove unused assembly references from your projects.
November 17, 2017 - 11:53
New Version


  • Unit Testing - The JavaScript Test Runner is out of beta and you can now run and debug tests for client-side JavaScript code using the powerful CodeRush Test Runner. The JavaScript test runner is based on Karma and supports the following testing frameworks:
    • Jasmine
    • QUnit
    • Mocha
  • Code Analysis - NullReferenceException Analysis is now available in Visual Basic. This feature identifies unprotected code that may unexpectedly raise NullReferenceExceptions. Note that this feature is still in beta. You can enable/disable this feature on the Static Code Analysis options page.
  • Added the following static analyzers focused on best practices for async and await.
    • Async method has no CancellationToken parameter.
    • CancellationToken parameter is never used.
    • Async void method should be in a try/catch block. Otherwise, that method's exceptions may cause a crash.
    • ConfigureAwait(true) is called implicitly. ConfigureAwait() should always be explicitly called, as the default behavior may cause a deadlock.
    • Redundant 'await'.
    • The 'await' keyword for the Task.FromResult expression is not required.
    • The returned Task is null. Use 'Task.FromResult()' instead.
    • Task.When is used in an async method. Use Task.Wait instead.
    • The 'await' expression is missing a cancellation token.
  • Code Cleanup - Added the ability to remove unused assembly references from your projects, accessible through the project's right-click context menu. Selecting this command will bring up a confirmation window where you can select which references to remove (from the list of unused references).
  • Code Formatting - Document Formatting receives the following improvements:
    • Blank lines - now blank lines for the first and last items in a list of elements are omitted. Blank lines are only added between elements.
    • Bitwise operators (&, |, and ^) - now have individual wrapping and spacing options for each operator.
    • Relational operators (==, !=, <, >, <=, and >=) - also have configurable wrapping and spacing settings.
    • Regions - added blank line configuration options for #region directives.
    • Wrap First - added the "Wrap First" option for assignment expressions.
  • Navigation - You can now open the Navigation Menu using Member Icons.
Remove unused assembly references from your projects.


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