CodeRush Ultimate 17.2.3

Run and debug tests for client-side JavaScript code.
November 17, 2017 - 11:47
New Version


  • Unit Test Runner
    • JavaScript Test Runner - You can now run and debug tests for client-side JavaScript code using the powerful CodeRush Test Runner.
    • Exclude from Coverage - You can now exclude specific projects from Code Coverage analysis using the *.runsettings file. For more details refer to Microsoft's article, Customizing Code Coverage Analysis.
    • Code Coverage Filtering - You can now create and apply Filters to the Code Coverage report.
    • .NET Core 2.0 Support - You can now use the CodeRush Unit Test Runner to run .NET Core 2.0 tests and calculate Code Coverage in Portable PDB debug-symbols-format projects.
    • Microsoft Fakes - The CodeRush Test Runner now supports the Microsoft Fakes isolation framework.
  • Code Analysis
    • Unused Members - Added a new analyzer that detects unused members. You can also configure the highlighting of such members (e.g., de-emphasize them) in the code editor (Editor | All Languages | Static Code Analysis | Highlight unused members). Unused members can be safely deleted without impacting program behavior.
    • NullReferenceException Analysis (beta) - CodeRush 17.2 introduces a beta version of a new feature we've been working on, NullReferenceException Analysis. This feature identifies unprotected code that may unintentionally raise NullReferenceExceptions. CodeRush for Roslyn now identifies code that may be at risk to raising a NullReferenceException. You can turn this feature on for C# and Visual Basic (it is disabled by default) on the Editor | All Languages | Static Code Analysis options page.
    • Async/Await Analyzers - Added the following static analyzers focused on best practices for async and await:
      • Async method has no CancellationToken parameter.
      • CancellationToken parameter is never used.
      • Async void method should be in a try/catch block. Otherwise, that method's exceptions may cause a crash.
      • ConfigureAwait(true) is called implicitly. ConfigureAwait() should always be explicitly called, as the default behavior may cause a deadlock.
      • Redundant 'await'.
      • The 'await' keyword for the Task.FromResult expression is not required.
      • The returned Task is null. Use 'Task.FromResult()' instead.
      • Task.When is used in an async method. Use Task.Wait instead.
      • The 'await' expression is missing a cancellation token.
    • Spell Checker Improvements - The CodeRush Spell Checker can now:
      • Check XML comments (<c> and <code> tags are ignored).
      • Check File names.
      • Exclude ToString() expressions.
  • XAML Support
    • XAML Formatting in Markup Extensions - Improved XAML Formatting with the ability to format markup extensions. You can now:
      • Break arguments apart only if they exceed the specified number. You can set a threshold on the argument count, to determine whether argument splitting occurs, and you can also specify the maximum number of arguments per line.
      • Align markup extension arguments with first argument.
    • Normalize Whitespace in XML Comments - Added the ability to normalize whitespace inside XML comments.
  • Code Style
    • Modifiers Order - You can now set your preferred order for member modifiers. CodeRush features will respect this order when adding or removing modifiers. For instance, you can set public and private keywords to appear before the static keyword. This feature is available only in C#, as Visual Studio automatically sorts modifiers in Visual Basic.
    • Attribute List - Added the new Attribute list Code Style & Code Cleanup rule, allowing you to combine two or more separate attributes applied to a single member into a single declaration.
    • Visual Studio Code Style Settings Import - Synchronizing CodeRush Code Style settings with similar code style settings built into Visual Studio. The following settings are now imported from Visual Studio by CodeRush:
      • Local Declaration Style
      • Built-in Type Names
      • this/Me Qualifier Usage
    • Braces in Statements - Added a new Code Style rule called Braces in Statements. CodeRush can now remove or require (add) block delimiters in places where they are optional, such as around the single child statement of an if block.
  • Navigation Enhancements
    • Drop Marker for Selections - Extended the Drop Marker feature, adding the ability to drop markers for selections, and then later return, restoring the selection when you collect the marker. Simply select the code and then drop a marker using Alt+Home. To collect markers press Esc or Alt+End.
    • Recently Opened Items in Jump To Menu - Jump To File and Jump To Symbol windows now display Recently Opened Items.
    • Initial Filter in Jump To Menu - The Jump to Symbol, Jump to File, and Jump to Everything menus can now use the identifier under the caret as the initial filtering option.
    • Navigation From Member Icons - You can now open the Navigation Menu using Member Icons.
  • Code Formatting and Cleanup
    • Document Formatting - Document Formatting lets you configure every aspect of code formatting in an entire solution in one step. CodeRush's Document Formatting is more flexible and offers more options than Visual Studio's built-in formatting feature.
    • Project-wide Code Cleanup -You can now run Code Cleanup for the entire project. Simply right-click the project you want to clean in the Solution Explorer and select Cleanup Project from the context menu.
  • Refactorings and Code Providers
    • Widening the Refactorings' Accessibility - CodeRush has widened the accessibility of many refactorings and code providers, improving discoverability and making them available when the caret is anywhere on the line containing relevant code you want to change. Refactorings receiving wider accessibility include:
      • Use Expression Body
      • Collapse/Expand Property, Accessor, Method
      • Reverse Conditional
      • Flatten Conditional
      • Compress/Expand Ternary Expression
    • XPO Fields - Implemented the XPO Fields feature based on the XPO EasyFields community plugin for CodeRush Classic. This is useful when working with eXpress Persistent Objects letting you automatically generate and update the XPO FieldsClass based on existing class members.
    • Code Actions Settings - Added configuration options for generated members built by the following features:
      • Declare menu items & Declare providers
      • Add to Interface
      • Add Getter/Setter
    • Add XML Comments - Added a new Add XML Comments code provider. Using it you can instantly add an XML doc comment to a member. If you use Add XML Comments for a member that is an override or an interface implementation, the XML doc comment is based on the documentation found in the interface or ancestor class. If the target method has no base method or its base method or interface declaration has no XML comment, the code provider generates an empty XML comment with the correct structure.
    • ForEach to Linq improvements - Improved the ForEach to Linq refactoring so it generates cleaner code in more complex cases. The following Linq functions are now supported by the query generator: Where, Select, Cast, Distinct, FirstOrDefault, LastOrDefault, Aggregate, Any, All, and Count.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Include Previous/Next Element - Added the new Selection Tool called Include Previous/Next Element. You can now use this tool to select code blocks above and beyond the currently selected code block. Use Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Up Arrow or Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Down Arrow to select text from the current caret position to the end of the next code element. This is especially useful in combination with the Selection Expand/Reduce feature. If you unintentionally select too many blocks you can back up to the previous selections using Selection Reduce with Num - (minus) or Ctrl+Shift+W.
    • Move Member to Region - Ported the Move Member to Region feature from CodeRush Classic. You can now create regions and move members among them using a simple GUI. Now simply click a member icon, select Move To Region and choose the target region.
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