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Search through grid header filter values.
November 17, 2017 - 11:36
New Version


  • New Color Schemes
    • New Color Schemes for the Generic Theme - You can now change your entire application's color palette by applying one of the newly implemented schemes: Soft Blue, Carmine, Green Mist, Dark Violet, and Dark Moon. These new color schemes are based on the DevExtreme Generic theme.
  • React Grid (Beta) - DevExtreme React Grid v17.2 ships with the following new features:
    • Material UI Integration
    • Column Reordering
    • Column Resizing
    • Keyboard Navigation
    • Column Chooser
    • Localization
    • Data Formatting and Custom Data Accessors
  • Data Grid
    • Column Header Filter and Column Chooser Search - You can now search through header filter values. You can activate this feature for all columns or only a specific column using the widget's or column's 'headerFilter.allowSearch' option.
    • DateTime Data Type Support - The HTML5 Data Grid fully supports time portions in Date-Time values:
      • Proper time formatting is applied to cell display text.
      • Cell drop-downs include time editing controls.
      • The grid allows you to filter data while taking time values into account.
    • Custom Sorting - You can implement your own value comparison function and thus enable custom data sorting algorithms.
  • Data Visualization
    • Funnel / Pyramid Chart - The new Funnel widget allows you to create funnel and pyramid charts for use within your HTML5-JavaScript applications.
    • Chart Axis - Scale Breaks - DevExtreme HTML5-JavaScript Chart can automatically analyze your chart's data and apply scale breaks to improve readability. Manual scale breaks are also supported.
    • Chart Axis - Tick Mark Generation - DevExpress HTML5 Chart v17.2 ships with improved tick mark generation logic:
      • Date-time ticks are always displayed at the start of standard date-time intervals: first day of week / month / year, start of a day, top of an hour, etc.
      • You can force a numeric axis to generate ticks only at whole number positions.
      • Numeric and date-time axis can now automatically adjust label formatting, improving readability with a compact display option.
    • Date-Time Axis - Exclude Weekends and Holidays - You can now suppress weekends and holidays on the chart's arguments scale and provide an uninterrupted display for a dataset that only includes work days.
  • Pivot Grid
    • Column Header Filter and Field Chooser Search Panel - With this release, the HTML5-JavaScript Pivot Grid can display a search box within its Field Chooser dialog and Filter Dropdown.
  • Scheduler
    • Display Multiple Days, Weeks, or Months in a View - The HTML5-JavaScript Scheduler allows you to specify the number of Days, Weeks or Months to display within the Day View, Week View and Month View respectively.
    • Compressed Appointment Display Option - You can limit the number of simultaneously displayed appointments in:
      • A single cell in the Month View.
      • A single all-day panel in the Day View or Week View.
    • Current Date-Time Indicator - The HTML5-JavaScript Scheduler can indicate the current time in views that utilize a time scale. In addition, you can enable timetable shading up to the current time mark.
  • Tree List
    • Recursive Node Selection - The HTML5-JavaScript Tree List now supports recursive node selection:
      • When changing a parent node's selected state, all child nodes at all nesting levels are updated accordingly.
      • Parent nodes can automatically change their state to selected, unselected or indeterminate, based upon the number of selected child nodes.
    • Column Header Filter and Column Chooser Search - You can now search through header filter values. You can activate this feature for all columns or only a specific column using the widget's or column's 'headerFilter.allowSearch' option.
  • UI Widgets
    • New Filter Builder Widget - The new HTML5-JavaScript FilterBuilder widget allows users to construct complex filter expressions with absolute ease (supports an unlimited number of filter conditions). It can be used on a standalone basis or with the List, Data Grid, and TreeList widgets.
    • TagBox - New Item Selection Options - The TagBox can now group multiple tags into a single label when all available tags are selected or when end-users select a predefined set. Users can access individual tags by clicking the joined label (invokes the dropdown selection list).
    • DateBox and Calendar - Disable Desired Dates - The HTML5-JavaScript DateBox and Calendar widgets include a new disabledDates option. As the name suggests, this new feature allows you to disable access to certain dates within the calendar - by either supplying a predefined date array, or implementing a function that determines whether a date should be available to end-users.
    • TreeView and List - Search Panel - To simplify record selection, the HTML5-JavaScript List and TreeView widgets allows you to display a search box within its container.
    • NumberBox - Display Text Formatting and Input Masking - The NumberBox widget now supports flexible display text formatting using Locale Data Markup Language (LDML) patterns. The specified format can also be used as a mask to control end-user input.
  • Improved Angular Support - This release includes the following Angular integration improvements:
    • Optional jQuery Dependencies
    • Disable jQuery dependencies and Increase Angular component performance by up to 30%.
  • Improved TypeScript Declarations - All Angular component properties are now declared with a specific type instead of any. This helps avoid type conversion errors.
  • Localization Enhancements
    • LDML Pattern Support - With this release, you can use Locale Data Markup Language (LDML) patterns to localize dates and numbers regardless of the localization library used. Custom decimal and thousands separators The built-in localization engine now offers 'thousandsSeparator' and 'decimalSeparator' global configuration options.
  • TypeScript Declarations
    • Improvements - DevExtreme can now utilize the benefits of TypeScript 2.0 or higher and use specific types instead of any wherever possible.
  • MVC Controls
    • Data Layer - Consume API Controllers from a Different Domain - The 'newRemoteController()' method allows you to consume API controllers located in a different domain by URL.
    • New Strongly-Typed HTML Helpers - You can now use lambdas when configuring Data Grid columns and summaries, PivotGrid fields, and Form items. This ensures compile-time type safety, enables IntelliSense, and automatically adds client-side validation based on Data Annotations defined in the model.
    • Data Layer - Areas Support - You can now access API controllers in different areas using the 'Area()' method added to the 'Mvc()' data source.
    • New NamedTemplate Helper for Creating Complex Views - This release introduces a new 'NamedTemplate()' helper - allowing you to embed controls into one another. By leveraging its capabilities, you can reduce the amount of code needed to generate complex views.
DateTime data type support.


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