SpreadJS 11

Import and export Excel files with charts.
December 07, 2017 - 12:12
New Version


  • Chart Support - Successfully import and export Microsoft Excel files with charts. Charts include column, bar, line, pie, doughnut, area, scatter, bubble, stock, and combination.
  • New Function Support - SpreadJS now features a more extensive function library with 462 functions. The functions are for use in scientific, statistical, engineering and business formulas.
  • HitTest functionality is now supported at workbook level.
  • Columns can now be easily indented for tree structures.
  • Events have been added for when sheets are moved around.
  • The Hyperlink Cell Type now supports callback actions when users click them.
  • Text cell types can now be vertically aligned in edit mode.
  • The formula text box can now be used inside cells.
  • Hyperlinks can now utilize the textIndent property.
  • The SpreadJS JSON file size has been reduced by matching Excel’s validation feature storage.
  • The Excel quote prefix feature is now supported.
  • Gridlines and borders for the first column and row now show completely after printing.
  • Excel 2013-2016 functions are now supported.
  • Cells can now be merged with drag selection.
  • Added a comment property to the NameInfo class.
  • Excel Accounting format is now supported.
  • Hyperlinks can now utilize the WordWrap property.
  • ToJSON and FromJSON now have enhanced options.
  • Support for exporting to PDF files has been added.
  • You can now use built-in context menus in SpreadJS for user actions instead of having to build them from the ground up.
  • UMD patters and the NPM server are now supported.


  • SSJSON files no longer grow in the Spread Designer.
  • Filtering columns no longer makes other columns blank.
  • No more performance issues with copy/paste from Excel to Spread.
  • DataValidation dropdowns no longer missing when exporting to Excel.
  • No more performance issue with exporting large data to Excel.
  • Sort order in filter dialog has been fixed.
  • No more performance issues with grouping.
  • Fixed problems with copying formulas in formula text box.
  • Client ExcelIO now works in IE10.
  • Header cells can now be copied from SpreadJS to Excel.
  • Comment export in the Designer has been fixed.
Import and export Excel files with charts.


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