DevExpress Document Server 17.2.4

Maintenance release includes several bug fixes.
December 14, 2017 - 15:35
New Version


PDF Document Processor

  • Interactive Form - The widget created using the PdfAcroFormTextBoxField class has an incorrect default border width.
  • Usability - There is no way to create an interactive form field with a zero width border.

Rich Edit Document Server

  • The first space character located after the line break symbol is lost during exporting a document to html.
  • The TOC layout is incorrect after updating the TOC field.

Spreadsheet Document Server

  • Charts are rendered with low quality in a PDF document.
  • The AutoFitRows method does not work in AzureCompatibility mode.
  • The slicer style is incorrectly written after saving a specific document.
DevExpress Document Server

DevExpress Office File API

Read and write Excel and Word files, create Snap Reports, create and edit PDF documents, generate barcodes and compressed archives.

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