AutoPlay Media Studio v8.5.2

Adds 15 new project templates.
February 02, 2018 - 14:04
New Version


  • Added 15 new project templates.


  • Changed the Play Multimedia quick action so that it uses the defaut verb for the file type instead of the "play" verb. This provides greater compatibility.
  • Fixed an issue where the File.Move action's "IncludeHiddenFiles" parameter default didn't match what was being used. It now uses the correct value from the prototype when not defined.
  • Addressed an issue in the File.Copy and File.Move actions where if the path contained erroneous backslashes in some locations, it would result in unpredictable file attributes being set. It may also resulted in the source folder being deleted in the File.Move action.
  • Made the Registry.GetValue action able to read REG_MULTI_SZ values containing null characters within it's data.
AutoPlay Media Studio

AutoPlay Media Studio

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