SAPIEN Software Suite 2018

Includes updates to PowerShell Studio with improved usability and performance.
February 12, 2018 - 12:29
New Version


  • Updates in PowerShell Studio 2018
    • PrimalSense cache now includes additional information, such as parameter set names, return values and validation sets.
    • PrimalSense will now provide a list of assemblies for the using statement’s assembly parameter.
    • PowerShell Studio now provides PrimalSense for a module’s cmdlets when using the module’s fully qualified name.
    • When working with a cmdlet or function, you can trigger the parameter set completion pop-up by pressing [Ctrl + Shift + Space]:
    • Customizable console and PowerShell Core - you now have the option to configure PowerShell Studio’s embedded consoles.
    • PowerShell Studio will attempt to detect Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core and automatically add them to the console list.
    • Added a new Functions option to code folding. The new option will collapse and expand function declarations separately from script blocks.
    • Added a new formatting option that allows you to format reserved word (keyword) character casing.
    • Output Panel Coloring - Changes the color of the text to denote errors and warnings in the Output and Debug Panels, making important messages stand out.
    • PSScriptAnalyzer results are now color-coded.
    • Added a new Copy Encoded command that will Base64 encode the selected text and copy it to the clipboard.
    • Improved remote console prompt.
    • New variable for snippets and templates.
    • Updated the Database Panel’s generated query scripts to bring them in line with the generated grid functions.
    • Changes to assemblies list for GUIs - PowerShell Studio will now only list external assemblies that you explicitly specify.
    • Improved debugger performance for large data arrays.
    • Improved performance handling for output.
    • Improved project syncing performance.
  • Updates in PowerShell HelpWriter 2018
    • Edit and include accepted values (ParameterGroupValues) for parameters. The ValidationSet attribute values are used to create the list.
    • Adds colored text for errors and warnings in the Output Panel.
    • Adds "Value Required" check option for parameters.
    • Parameter Enum values are now included in ParameterGroupValues elements (accepted values) for parameters.
    • Adds help tooltips for the Parameter View fields.
    • When you set the parameter type, it now updates the dev:type element in addition to parameterValue element.
    • When generating help, it now omits the parameterValue element in the syntaxItem portion for switch parameters.
    • Syntax display now takes the value required option into account.
    • Improves auto-height sizing for multi-line fields.
    • Grids now use the editor font settings.
    • Quick info (hover) PrimalSense now uses the same font type as the editor.
    • "Deactivate" parameter now works offline.
    • Updated to .NET Runtime 4.5.2
    • Accepted values are now included in HTML and Markdown exports.
    • The PowerShell error is now displayed when a module fails to load.
  • Updates in PrimalScript 2018
    • Added silent PowerShell engine option to suppress all output.
    • Updated PowerShell cache to improve speed and PrimalSense information.
  • Updats in PrimalXML 2018
    • Adds "Deactivate" parameter to deactivate your license via the command line.
    • Startpage fills available space.
  • Updates in VersionRecall 2018
    • Adds updated runtime components.
    • Adds support for opening files in Microsoft Visual Studio Code.
  • Updates in WMI Explorer 2018
    • Adds updated runtime components.
    • Initial cache building performance increased.


  • Fixes in PowerShell Studio 2018
    • Fixed: Project Sync updates files even after a project was closed.
    • Fixed: Project Sync would throw an unhandled exception if a file was renamed or removed.
    • Fixed: Changing the name of a file when a synchronized project was closed caused an unhandled exception during load.
    • Fixed: ListView Column's DisplayIndex was not restored when the psf file was reopened.
    • Fixed: High DPI issue with the MenuStrip in the designer.
    • Fixed: Recovery code issue if the script in the editor ended with a comment.
    • Fixed: Projects didn't allow to set the Build and Shared properties for psm1 and psd1 files.
    • Fixed: Function Navigation pull down would trigger the word ""global"" in the output.
    • Fixed: Hover PrimalSense for a parameter for cmdlets and functions were not showing the correct position / required info.
    • Fixed: Typing ( on a method at the end of the document triggered an exception if Auto-insert closing parenthesis was disabled.
    • Fixed: Could not cancel out of the Function Builder when there was a validation error.
    • Fixed: SaveAs was not including the psbuild file.
    • Fixed: Nested Foreach loop would fail to parse type.
    • Fixed: Empty ListBox/ComboBox items were not restored when the psf when opened.
    • Fixed: Large amount of output generated by a script would freeze the UI.
    • Fixed: Hovering over a large array would lock up the debugger for a considerable amount of time.
    • Fixed: Windows Application packager engine would not display pop-ups or execute correctly when ran from a UNC path.
    • Fixed: Test-Path snippet error.
    • Fixed: Toggle Quotes command would fail to convert quotes within the string if it was not a Here-String.
    • Fixed: Navigation pull down menus would not jump to the selected item if it was already selected.
    • Fixed: Resolve Functions on Run Selection - was pulling all functions instead of necessary functions.
    • Fixed: Go to next /prev function was stopping at loops.
    • Fixed: After opening a remote console and restarting, the console panel would come up empty.
    • Fixed: A French-Canadian keyboard AltGr key combination was triggering the toggle quotes command.
  • Fixes in PowerShell HelpWriter 2018
    • Fixed: ParameterValueGroup would produce a validation error if a ParameterValue element was present.
    • Fixed: When a parameter is set to mandatory/required, it no longer sets the parameterValue required attribute.
    • Fixed: Auto-sizing fields would cause rendering issues if the enter key was held down.
    • Fixed: HelpWriter was not pulling in dynamic parameters (if conditions met).
    • Fixed: Failed to display modules in V2.
  • Fixes in PrimalScript 2018
    • Fixed: Cache export on other machines no longer requires COM registration.
PowerShell HelpWriter 2018.

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