Javonet 1.5

Use Java packages in .NET desktop or Web applications.
February 13, 2018 - 8:21
New Version


  • Support for .NET developers who want to use Java packages in .NET desktop and Web applications - It is now possible to load any JAR file from a .NET application and utilize the classes, objects, types, methods and logic stored in those packages:
    • Adding references to Java Jar packages.
    • Loading Java types.
    • Creating instances of Java objects.
    • Calling instance and static methods.
    • Setting and getting instance and static fields.
    • Built-in data types conversion for arguments and results.
    • Returning references to complex objects.
  • Improvements for Java Developers
    • Support for by ref arguments used in events delegates - now the .NET side can pass ref arguments to events processed on the Java side.
    • Removal of embedded Apache commons lang and configuration packages to avoid version conflict in target projects.
    • Override hashCode for NNull objects. Now the two instance of .NET Null objects will be properly compared in logical statements and collections.
    • Initialize .NET delegates with NType.
    • Retrieve SByte arrays from the .NET side.
    • Simplified array initialization. Now you can call Javonet.New(“String[]”) and Javonet will initialize the string array.
    • Support for events calls where the argument is array of primitive types.
    • Improved access to fields on MarshalByRef objects including the resolution of fields defined through inherited interfaces
    • Improvements in NObject disposal to address the issues with delayed or blocked disposal.
    • Specify fixed paths for .NET libraries so they are properly resolved with dynamic code.
    • Set a license file directory through the javonet.xml file.
    • Extended Javonet welcome message with more details about current configuration.
    • Support to call methods declared with explicit interface declaration.
    • New NException - now all .NET exceptions from your libraries will be raised as NExceptions which provides details from .NET.
  • UI and Backend Components
    • Full integration of UI components in Java UI so that switching between a Java and .NET component does not affect the way the main window looks.
    • .NET components now regain focus properly when switching windows.
    • Improved memory management to make sure that .NET user controls are properly disposed when Java window is closed.
    • Introduction of new NControlJContainer dedicated to Swing applications. It resolves known Java bug where heavyweight and lightweight controls mix.
    • Support for adding controls to existing and visible windows.
    • Support for using mnemonic keys with WPF components.
    • Support for native access to the WPF window from WPF user controls embedded in Java.
    • Support for parent window blocking to make sure the Java windows are properly blocked if a .NET component is showing modal or modeless popups.
    • Support for Tab cycle.
    • Co-host .NET and native controls in Java windows including OpenGL elements.


Use any .NET library in your Java project, or any Java package in your .NET desktop, web or service application.

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