TeeChart Pro ActiveX 2018

Includes speed improvements, new Activity Gauge series, plus bug fixes.
February 19, 2018 - 15:03
New Version


  • Includes speed improvements to FastLine AddRealtime method.
  • Implemented UniqueCustomRadius property for circular statistical charts.
  • New Activity Gauge Series style has been added.
  • Added new LoadFromSHP map method.
  • Added new property to choose what line segment(s) to highlight when hovering over a pointer.
  • Implemented CalcVisiblePoints property.


  • Fixed - LegendToolPalette isn’t exported or printed to PDF format.
  • Fixed - TeeChart Pro isn’t fully compatible with the Rad Studio 10.1 Starter edition.
  • Fixed - Exported data to xls doesn't open in Excel 2013.
  • Fixed - Error assigning a TColorLineTool to a CustomAxis at design time.
  • Fixed - Clicked method is broken when is used a ColorGrid and is set true the Inverted Axes property.
  • Fixed - Simplify THighLowLineSeries Color used to draw the vertical lines.
  • Fixed - Axis' LabelStyle talPointValue ignores Axis Increment, renders inconsistently.
  • Fixed - Black line on the top of a gradient.
  • Fixed - Hover in the axis labels doesn't consider LabelsAngle.
  • Fixed - Axis labels disappear when having two series, only one of them with labels.
  • Fixed - Series with stair type drawn as negative on zoom.
  • Fixed - Printing position of legendPaletteTool incorrect.
  • Fixed - CursorTool Lines plot out of chart bounds when printing.
  • Fixed - Printer DeviceName includes spurious characters.
  • Fixed - Line connecting points in TPoint3DSeries always considers null points as tnSkip.
  • Fixed - TSeriesBandTool still drawn when Series2 is inactive.
  • Fixed - Legend VertSpacing breaks Legend Symbol Squareness.
  • Fixed - Excel WorkSheets aren't refreshed when moving from an xls to another.
  • Fixed - UsePartnerAxis, PartnerAxis do not limit the grid lines.
  • Fixed - Hover highlights wrong line segment when the axis is Inverted.
  • Fixed - Negative stacked bars rendered wrongly when in correlative StackGroups.
  • Fixed - Adding a point to a THorizLineSeries with AddXY adds the point at the end of the FX/FY arrays.
  • Fixed - Exporting a 2D pie series to svg draws wrong polygons.
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