SecureBlackbox 16.0.313

Software components for data protection, secure storage and secure transfer. Latest maintenance release.
April 13, 2018 - 14:27
New Version


  • Base - DNS resolver timeout values are now changed only when the socket timeout is not 0 (because the value of 0 in the DNS resolver has different meaning).
  • Base - Error code in timeout exception thrown by the DNS fixed (it was hard-coded to Windows value, now it's correct for other platforms).
  • Base - CA certificates, retrieved for the certificate, could not be found when verifying CRL signatures. Fixed.
  • HTTP -TElHTTPSClient.SetupHeaders method was choosing wrong Connection header value when KeepAlivePolicy was set to kapStandardDefined. Fixed.
  • .NET - In .NET Core 2.0, due to unreadable charset resources, various components could fail to perform certain functions. The resources have been fixed.
  • VCL SSL - 75778 error occurred on some conditions on mobile targets. Fixed.
  • Java ZIP - Files extracted to wrong output directory on non-Windows systems. Fixed.


Software components for data protection, secure storage, and secure transfer.

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