Altova XMLSpy Professional XML Editor 2018 Release 2

Query and transform JSON documents using XPath, XSLT and XQuery.
April 17, 2018 - 14:55
New Version


  • Processing JSON with XSLT, XPath, and XQuery - Adding to the rich JSON editing and conversion features already in XMLSpy is support for querying and transforming JSON documents directly using XPath, XSLT, and XQuery.
  • HTTP Testing Window adds support for WSDL imports - The HTTP testing window in XMLSpy makes it easy to create and send HTTP or web services messages to a server, and then receive and check the response. Now, in addition to importing messages from WADL files for web services testing, the HTTP window lets developers import and test operations in WSDL 1.1 and WSDL 2.2 files.
  • Syntax coloring for new file types - To help developers working with various programming languages in XMLSpy, syntax coloring is now additionally available for the following file types:
    • CSS
    • Python
    • C-style languages (cpp, jx, java, js, etc.)
  • Support for Teradata 16 and MariaDB 10 databases - XMLSpy and other database-enabled MissionKit products have added these database types to the long list of supported relational databases.
  • Detailed network proxy settings - The Tools / Options dialog now includes Network Proxy tab for manually configuring proxy settings, which affect how XMLSpy connects to the Internet, e.g., for XML validation purposes. By default, XMLSpy uses the system’s proxy settings, and now you can optionally configure them manually. Network proxy settings are shared by installed MissionKit products, so changes you make in XMLSpy will automatically be applied to the other applications.
  • Support for editing XSLT3 value templates.
  • Ability to cancel lengthy execution during XSLT/XQuery debugging.
Transform a JSON document with an XSLT 3.0 or XQuery 3.1 file.

Altova XMLSpy Professional XML Editor

JSON and XML editor.

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