Handsontable Pro V3.0.0

Refactors and improves column sorting plugin, plus improves French & Chinese language translations.
May 16, 2018 - 14:41
New Version


  • Refactored and Improved Column Sorting plugin.
  • Added missing type definitions for the Search Plugin.
  • Added Chinese (CN, TW) translations.
  • Added French translation.
  • Removed some unnecessary margins from the Filtering dropdown.
  • Added an option to the Gantt Chart plugin, which allows skipping incomplete weeks at the beginning and/or end of the month.


  • Fixed a problem where an error was being thrown when using the updateSettings method.
  • Fixed a problem where using the TAB key removed some data, when minSpareCols was set to 1.
  • Fixed a bug where an infinite hook loop was being created when the table was initialized at the bottom of the page.
  • Fixed some issues with the CI stability.
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