Aspose.PDF for .NET V18.6

Adds support for OTF fonts when embedding in PDFs.
June 13, 2018 - 11:11
New Version


  • Added support for OTF fonts when embedding in PDFs.
  • Added "Extract Highlighted Text from HighlightTextMarkUpAnnotations" feature to the TextFragmentAbsorber class.


  • Text Extraction - Spaces are improperly embedded inside words.
  • TableAbsorber throws exception.
  • PDF to Image - Some content is overlapping.
  • PDF to JPEG - Incorrect output.
  • TableAbsorber - Incorrect table count in PDF.
  • Text overlapping when saving particular document as image or HTML.
  • PDF to HTML - Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • Conversion HTML to PDF produces incorrect output.
  • PDF to PDFA - Comments are broken in resultant document.
  • Flattening Fields is not flattening the Print button inside PDF.
  • The output is too big after conversion to PDFA_1B format.
  • After conversion PDF-to-PDFA the output contains corrupted diagram.
  • The document loaded from HMTL file looks different than the original.
  • PDF to PDF/A-1b - Output PDF does not pass compliance test.
  • PDF to JPG - Blue gradient is darker in JPG compared to PPT.
  • PDF to JPG - Objects fading to transparent causes image differences
  • Yellow background not same after converting PDF to PDF/A.
  • JPEG output loses fade effect on the source document.
  • Document image loses fading to transparent in PDF output.
  • Blank pages added after HTML to PDF rendition.
  • PDF to PDF/A-2b - Chart labels are rotated.
  • PDF to PDF/A-2b - Some labels get blurred.
  • Duplicated evaluation watermarks when saving EPUB document.
  • Output image or HTML is filled with black color.
  • HTML to PDF - Exception thrown.
  • Multi byte characters not displayed in PDF.
  • Header added but footer is missing.
  • The header and the footer exist only on the first page.
  • Missing table after adding to Footer.
  • Unable to load OTF Font from a resource stream.
Aspose.PDF for .NET

Aspose.PDF for .NET

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