MDG Link v14 (Build 1422)

Maintenance release adds improvements and fixes.
June 15, 2018 - 12:09
New Version


  • Attributes Constraints editor added to docked Attribute Properties.
  • ArchiMate 3
    • Quicklink behavior updated to set aggregation kind for Aggregation and Composition connectors.
    • Connector validation rules updated:
      • Specialization, Aggregation and Composition connectors now validate correctly.
      • Flow and Triggering connectors no longer report as not UML compliant.
  • Simulation
    • Executable Statemachine simulations will now end when no regions are active.
    • DMN Simulation will now ignore a step command if one is already being run.
MDG Link

MDG Link

Provides bridges between Enterprise Architect and Visual Studio, Eclipse, DOORS and Visio.

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