RayVentory 11.0

Adds automated remote inventory for Windows (RIW) and Unix (RIU), required for zero-touch scanning.
June 28, 2018 - 11:06
New Version


  • Completely new design - In addition to the user interface redesign, which adapts to the look and feel of the modern RaySuite product line, Raynet has significantly improved user-friendliness and orientation for users.
  • New setup routine - With the new setup routine, the solution is installed fully automatically, including all software requirements, such as the database, the web server, etc. All installation and upgrade parameters can be configured intuitively via the new user interface.
  • Stand-Alone Version of RayVentory Portal - Automated remote inventory for Windows (RIW) and Unix (RIU), required for zero-touch scanning, can be executed in an automated mode thanks to an intelligent extension.
  • Oracle and VMware Discovery - It is now possible to perform a discovery with RayVentory Portal by importing from the Active Directory and/or scanning the network. Additionally it can be determined if Oracle databases or VMware vSphere/ESX are running on these devices.
  • New Oracle scanner with breakthrough functionality:
    • RayVentory can automatically detect all Oracle instances of an Oracle database.
    • At the same time RayVentory checks whether all necessary authorizations for a scan are available.
    • In addition to Oracle reconciliation of Raynet, the execution of the Oracle script "Database Feature Usage Statistics" is now also possible.
    • False-Positive Identification.
  • Scheduling for automatic inventory - Extensive automation options have been added through the implementation of the scheduler. Users can now conveniently plan inventory jobs in RayVentory Portal in order to have them carried out automatically at a defined time.
  • Credential Manager - Credentials required for different inventory methods can now be managed with the new Credential Manager in RayVentory Portal.
  • Advanced VMware Scan - RayVentory is now able to read the configured host affinity rules of a VCenter.
  • RayVentory Portable - This solution is predestined for scanning devices that are located outside the central network and are therefore difficult to reach or access, e.g. for field staff or in the production area. With a file size of only 1.5 MB, RayVentory Portable can either be sent via email or provided via USB stick to scan both local and remote devices using Zero-Touch technology.
New UI for RayVentory 11.0.


Smarter software and hardware inventory.

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