Aspose.PDF for .NET V18.7

Improves PDF/UA file processing.
July 11, 2018 - 14:04
New Version


  • Added the ability to remove all text from a PDF file.
  • Replace a Table using PdfContentEditor.
  • PDF/UA: Validate artifacts.
  • PDF/UA: Recognize natural language.
  • PDF/UA: Support graphics operators in content sequence classes.
  • PDF/UA: Validate graphics.
  • PDF/UA: Added support for images in tagged content.
  • PDF/UA: Added bounding box for images.
  • PDF/UA: Added suport for image attributes.
  • Use Shading Colors for text editing scenarios.
  • Added Radial (Type 3) shading.


  • Headings are missing in output document.
  • Incorrect retrieval of the rectangle coordinate.
  • TextFragmentAbsorber does not replace flattened form text.
  • Text replace issue: long text is not breaking to next line.
  • PDF to PDF/A_2a (A_2b) - Resultant file is not compliant.
  • PDF to PDF/A-1b - Output PDF does not pass compliance test.
  • Document is not PDF/A-3A compatible after conversion (CMYK used but output intent is not CMYK).
  • PDF to PDFA3b: compliance failure due to LZW compression and CYMK color.
  • Turquoise image generated from PDF.
  • Repeating column header overwritten when generating PDF output.
  • Some repeating columns are missing.
  • The conversion to PDFA_2A produces a XREF table with subsections.
  • PDF to PDFA1b: - Compliance verification issue - Integer value out of range(too high).
  • PDF to PDF/A-1b - Output does not pass compliance test.
  • PDF to PDF/A - Missing text.
  • Multi byte characters not displayed in PDF.
  • PDF to PDF/A-1b problem.
  • PDF to PDFA2b/PDFA3b - Converting PDF, generated from Aspose.Cells, to PDFA2b and PDFA3b fails compliance.
  • PDF to JPG - Square boxes are created in place of Chinese characters.
  • PDF to DOC - Page number is missing.
  • PDF to PDFA1b - Stamp loses its transparency.
  • Text is not being extracted correctly.
  • Getting Garbage Characters after setting Font property 'IsEmbedded=true'
Aspose.PDF for .NET

Aspose.PDF for .NET

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