Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) 10.2.6

Improves data fetching performance in Direct mode.
July 11, 2018 - 11:03
New Version


  • Added support for Lazarus 1.8.4.
  • Improved data fetching performance in Direct mode.
  • Improved performance of describing stored procedures in Direct mode.
  • Improved performance of batch operations.
  • Added demo projects for IntraWeb 14.
  • Now the TOraTimeStamp.AsDateTime method returns TDateTime value with milliseconds
  • Now non-compiled stored procedures can be described in Direct mode
  • Improved support for TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE in Direct mode.


  • Fixed bug writing trash in BLOB fields when executing batch DML operations in Direct mode.
  • Fixed bug updating a record when using the OnFilterRecord event handler.
  • Fixed bug using encryption and CacheCalcFields.
  • Fixed bug using a backslash in the Filter property.
  • Fixed bug using First method in Master-Detail relationships.
Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC)

Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC)

Provide high performance direct access to Oracle databases.

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