Handsontable Pro V5.0.0

Improves colors, cursor style and sizes.
July 11, 2018 - 14:48
New Version


  • Refactored the Custom Borders plugin. The API method was changed - added new methods such as getBorders, setBorders and clearBorders. The initial object configuration has not been changed and is still compatible with the previous releases.
  • Improved colors, cursor style and sizes of some parts of Handsontable.
  • Added an ability to disable Byte Order Mark (BOM) while exporting a table to a CSV file.


  • Fixed an issue related to a lack of afterSelectionEnd hook being fired when contextmenu event is called for a cell. This fix additionally introduces two new hooks (afterOnCellContextMenu, beforeOnCellContextMenu).
  • Fixed an issue related to minimizing CSS files where the z-index property was incorrectly modified by the OptimizeCssAssetsPlugin webpack plugin.
  • Cleaned up and improved the code readability of the ColumnSorting plugin.
  • Updated the TypeScript definition file.
  • Fixed sort indicator which didn't update after moving columns.
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