ExpressGridPack 18.1.4

Improves the QuantumGrid, VerticalGrid, PivotGrid and Printing controls.
August 10, 2018 - 9:10
New Version


Express Install

  • Disable DevExpress-dependent packages to avoid package version conflicts in the IDE.

ExpressEditors Library

  • cxMRUEdit - The glyph provided by the Properties.ButtonGlyph property is painted on the dropdown button instead of the ellipsis button.
  • TcxDBSpinEdit bound to an FMTBcd field incorrectly displays its value if the FormatSettings.DecimalSeparator setting differs from the system's decimal separator.
  • TdxUIAdornerManager - It is impossible to assign content to a guide adorner's callout popup via the AControl parameter of the TdxGuideGetCalloutPopupControl procedural type in C++Builder.
  • The focused editor doesn't have a blue border in Windows 10.

ExpressLayout Control

  • DevExpress data-aware editors flicker in response to refreshing their bound dataset.

ExpressPivotGrid Suite

  • An AV occurs on calling the pivot grid's RestoreFrom~ methods to restore the layout of grouped fields.
  • The "Control has no parent window" exception occurs when undocking a dock panel that displays the Customization Form.
  • The EVariantTypeCastError exception occurs when the TcxPivotGridDrillDownDataset component creates a dataset for a linked pivot grid whose grouped field's Properties property is set to TextEdit.

ExpressPrinting System

  • Export to PDF - Fonts are scaled twice if the system DPI setting does not match 96.
  • FlowChart Report Link - The report contains only the objects that the control currently displays.
  • Large images are not printed.
  • PDF Viewer Report Link - The Print dialog's "Current Page" option prints the currently previewed page instead of the currently active page in a document.
  • SpreadSheet Report Link - A long text string in a row's last data cell doesn't continue on another page.
  • TeeChart Report Link - Chart content is cropped if the control's parent form is displayed on a monitor whose DPI exceeds 96.
  • Text reports are generated very slowly with high DPI settings (more than 96).
  • The Print Preview dialog is incorrectly scaled at high DPI settings (more than 96).
  • The report's page header and footer are scaled incorrectly in the Print Preview dialog if the system DPI differs from 96.

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • Content scrolling produces painting artifacts in Hybrid scrollbar mode.
  • Server Mode - FireDAC connection - Storing an image into a BLOB field in a MS Access database results in the field's data corruption.
  • Table and Banded Table Views - A fully collapsed root level group is displayed twice if there are no other groups at the root level in the View and its OptionsBehavior.FixedGroups property is True.
  • Table and Banded Table Views - The group row collapse routine attempts to raise the OnGroupRowCollapsed event for a different row or group row instead of the collapsed group row if it merges with another group row as a result.
  • The ApplyBestFit method incorrectly sizes column headers if a skin whose Common.Header skin element includes ContentOffsets values that are greater than 2 is applied.

ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite

  • Compiling the cxTLExportLink unit for an application's release version displays the H2443 hint about the TdxFastObjectList.GetItem function.
  • Export - Elements are incorrectly arranged if the Find Panel is displayed.
  • Selecting a node using the keyboard scrolls the focused node into view if the tree list's OptionsSelection.CellSelect property is set to False and the Options.Focusing property of columns is set to True.
  • TcxDBTreeList - Inserting a node whose index field value is not unique causes the "Duplicates not allowed" exception but doesn't keep the node in edit mode.
  • TcxDBTreeList - Posting changes to a node in edit mode doesn't update the icon displayed by the node indicator's cell.

ExpressSkins Library

  • A Ribbon form's border thickness is calculated incorrectly when certain skins are in effect.

ExpressVerticalGrid Suite

  • Releasing a cxVerticalGrid control whose Customization Form is displayed can result in a memory leak.


Add extensive grid, printing, pivot table, tree list, layout and skinning functionality to your Delphi and C++Builder applications.

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