ExpressNavigationPack 18.1.4

Improves the editor, layout and skins controls.
August 10, 2018 - 9:08
New Version


Express Install

  • Disable DevExpress-dependent packages to avoid package version conflicts in the IDE.

ExpressEditors Library

  • cxMRUEdit - The glyph provided by the Properties.ButtonGlyph property is painted on the dropdown button instead of the ellipsis button.
  • TcxDBSpinEdit bound to an FMTBcd field incorrectly displays its value if the FormatSettings.DecimalSeparator setting differs from the system's decimal separator.
  • TdxUIAdornerManager - It is impossible to assign content to a guide adorner's callout popup via the AControl parameter of the TdxGuideGetCalloutPopupControl procedural type in C++Builder.
  • The focused editor doesn't have a blue border in Windows 10.

ExpressLayout Control

  • DevExpress data-aware editors flicker in response to refreshing their bound dataset.

ExpressSkins Library

  • A Ribbon form's border thickness is calculated incorrectly when certain skins are in effect.


Add Ribbon, toolbar, layout and skinning functionality to your VCL applications.

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